More Women To Venture In Crypto This Year, Finds Study

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BlockFi has released a survey showing that many more women would venture into crypto this year. Details of the quarterly Real Talk survey published last week indicate that 60% of respondents plan to purchase cryptocurrencies in the next three months. One in three women surveyed said they would buy crypto in 2022.

The results of the survey show a significant change in women’s consumer sentiments about cryptocurrencies within just one year. Just 29 percent of women surveyed during the company’s previous survey released on September 2021 were considering buying crypto in a year. In that study, BlockFi said there was a major hesitation among women to venture into investment risks.

Most women interested in crypto want to gain an economic hedge. In the new survey, 24% of women interviewed said they already owned a crypto asset. Most, or 70% of them, are holding and have never sold since buying it. It is the dominant crypto strategy among women in crypto. The survey reported very little involvement of women in crypto trading, NFTs, staking, mining, and other crypto products.

Six months ago, just 23% of women said they knew how to buy crypto – that number has since nearly doubled to 45% according to findings of the recent survey. It means more women who heard about crypto have moved to take action to learn about digital assets.

Founder & SVP of Operations at BlockFi, Flori Marquez said it was time to reduce the education gap and on-ramps challenges that remain the biggest impediments to women getting into the crypto industry.


“There’s no better way to learn about something new than by doing — especially when diving into the seemingly complex world of crypto. It’s very exciting to know that women are becoming more aware of the benefits of owning crypto and expressing interest in working in the crypto sector. Now it’s our responsibility to continue to close the education gap and provide as many on-ramps as possible, so women can easily gain exposure to crypto markets and get comfortable doing more with their crypto.” 

The educational gap is clear, given that 80 percent of women surveyed said they still find crypto very confusing, despite 92 percent having heard about it already. Education still plays a huge difference between those who have heard about it and those already practicing.

The survey showed that 15% of women interested in crypto have a crypto career angle besides other economic benefits. One in ten of those surveyed said they intended to apply to a blockchain or crypto-related job role in the next year. Marquez said that she hoped more women would delve into the crypto career journey.