Mogu Announces The Official Listing Of The (MOGX) Token On CoinTiger Exchange

Mogu Token (MOGX) Official CoinTiger Exchange Listing Announcement

MOGX/USDT Trading Pair Will be Listing on CoinTiger 

SINGAPORE, 4th September 2019 – Mogu, an Asia Pacific based technology firm that is currently scaling micro cloud infrastructure consisting entirely of its deployed household smart routers, celebrates the listing of the Mogu Token (MOGX) tomorrow, 5th September 2019 on CoinTiger, a market-leading multi-cryptocurrency exchange. 

The details of its listing are as follows: 

MOGX/USDT trading pair will be available on 5th September 2019 (Thursday) 16:00 (GMT+8) 

Project Name: Mogu 


Token Name: MOGX 

Token Type: ERC-20 Token 

Official Website: 

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 MOGX 


Mogu Token (MOGX) is a digital medium of exchange for the Mogu ecosystem, that is an enhanced version and tokenization of the previous ‘Mogu Points’. 

The Mogu Ecosystem ensures the liquidity, stability, and demand for MOGX. Effectively, the ecosystem consists of Mogu Smart Router users who opt-in (become a node) and share their storage and/or idle computing power to form Mogu’s hybrid edge cloud, a distributed server infrastructure at scale. This means more efficient serving power than a centralized server, with the ability to perform microservices and endemically support distributed technologies and architectures, including blockchain. These microservices are paid for in MOGX and the nodes are rewarded in the form of MOGX corresponding to tasks performed; all as a powerful incentive to scaling the infrastructure. 

MOGX unlocks access to the unique advantages of the Mogu DSN in supporting distributed architectures. Utilizing the micro cloud infrastructure for such use cases as: blockchain node support (each router becomes a node), mesh functionality, decentralized storage, dVPNs and of course accessing the ever-increasing data lake. 

As a managed microcloud services provider, Mogu already operates an XaaS (Everything- As-A-Service) model. As the DSN grows, so too does the demand for MOGX as the medium of exchange for the vast array of services on offer. Currently, Mogu’s ‘Acceleration-as-a- Service’ is increasingly popular as it helps Chinese gamers channel their traffic efficiently through the “Great Firewall” to the correct server for an optimized online experience. 

“We have seen the launch and growth of distributed technologies in recent years, without much focus on the underlying infrastructure, which we think explains the lack of mass adoption. As long as the community continues to try to incorporate decentralizing technology into centralized structures, surely we will see repeated failure. Our aim is to support the growth of distributed and decentralized technologies, by scaling our distributed network infrastructure through the deployed Mogu Smart Routers.” – Simon Stephen, Managing Partner 

About Mogu 

Mogu was founded in 2015, as part of the Charter Group, with a strong team across the Asia Pacific working together on the collective aim of building the world’s first distributed server network. In 2018, Mogu received an independent valuation of USD 208 million. Consumer routers are a scalable, proven mature technology infrastructure with underutilized resources (computer processing power, storage, and bandwidth). Mogu explores effects of user-centered design, intuitive interfaces, clustering, distribution and cryptocurrency incentives to implement large-scale high-performance distributed computing and storage which is blockchain agnostic, interoperable and compatible with the collaborative consumption of data. 

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About CoinTiger 

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