Mintable Debuts World’s First Gasless Minting API on the Ethereum Network

Mintable Debuts World’s First Gasless Minting API on the Ethereum Network

Mintable, one of the world’s leading NFT Marketplace and technology companies with a global presence in the NFT space is proud to unveil the launch of its gas-free minting product dubbed Mintology.

Mintable is a technology company that seeks to provide NFT-based solutions with its highly demanded products in a bid to encourage the adoption of the NFT space. The company has gained support from leading investors and partners, including Mastercard, Ripple, Mark Cuban, Marc Benioff, and lots more due to the massive demand for its services.

Jason Sarria-Solis, the General Manager of Mintology expressed this saying;

“Mintology is powered by Mintable, a leading mass-market NFT Marketplace with a global presence. We are backed by highly prominent and respectable individuals including industry leaders in software and technology, financial services and banking, venture capital, blockchain & film, and the arts.”

“In addition, we have a solid array of institutional investors supporting the rapid growth of our company, driven by the massive demand for our enterprise services,” Sarria-Solis added.


Mintology: World’s First Gas-Free Minting Technology on Ethereum

In a bid to provide the industry with a full suite of NFT-based solution services, Mintable has launched its latest service tailored toward saving companies from spending millions of dollars in gas fees. Mintable’s gas-free minting product is called Mintology. 

Mintology can be used for minting NFTs for loyalty, sales promotions, and branding purposes. Mintology makes it possible for businesses to mint thousands of ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum main net instantly without any environmental impact.

Users who intend to mint with Mintology can do so by following three steps. The first step is to create an account, the next step requires the user to select a plan, and lastly connect the API and mint.

Through Mintology, the company is able to provide affordable pricing that is 90+% cheaper than traditional minting options while allowing businesses to offer their customers a range of payment options, including PayPal, credit card, and even crypto payment methods. 

The aim behind Mintology is to empower enterprises through its accessible minting service and end-to-end solutions for NFT-based applications. Mintology basically specializes in delivering cost-effective methods for developing NFT strategies designed by expert developers. The exclusive benefits that come with Mintology have triggered lots of interest in the company, thus it has received support from a good number of institutional investors.