MEXC’s M-Ventures Completes Brand Upgrade As Scaled Capital Reaches $200 Million

MEXC's M-Ventures Completes Brand Upgrade As Scaled Capital Reaches $200 Million

At the MEXC afterparty “M&M Launcher,” which took place on September 28, during the Token2049 event in Singapore, MEXC Exchange officially announced that its fund had been upgraded to M-Ventures and received a new management group. Through strategic investments, mergers and acquisitions, funds of funds, and project incubation, the upgraded M-Ventures is a comprehensive fund dedicated to fostering innovations in the cryptocurrency industry.

To fully mobilize the group’s resources and collaborate with top-tier partners in the industry, the upgraded M-Ventures, a new sub-brand affiliated with the MEXC Group, merges the original M-Labs and other diversified investment businesses. M-Ventures offers global innovators and teams startup capital in addition to a full range of professional services at one location, including project positioning, business collaboration, economic modelling, financing consulting, product marketing, and project initiation.

The current capital scale of M-Ventures is $200 million. Its core team comprises more than ten members from eminent organizations, including McKinsey, Plug & Play, Binance, and Huobi. They have more than ten years of combined experience in both the traditional financial and cryptocurrency industries. These individuals are in the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, and other nations. They are skilled in asset management, venture capital, equity investment, market research, project incubation, and product development.

Numerous noteworthy projects, including Polkadot, Avalanche, Manta, deBridge, Dorafactory, zCloak Network, Mina, Phantom, Raydium, and Solanium, have been part of M-Ventures’ portfolio over the last three years. In addition, it has contributed to and invested early in projects like Polkadot, Polygon, Solana, Near, and others. To support the long-term growth of the infrastructure ecosystem, it successively established the Polkadot Ecosystem Special Fund and the Solana Ecosystem Strategic Fund.

M-Ventures will primarily concentrate on three primary market sectors in the new blockchain cycle: Web3, the new public chain ecosystem, and infrastructure. Sistine, the M-Ventures investment manager, offered the following commentary on the three industries as mentioned above:


M-Ventures investment manager, Sistine said: “Our core logic in investment is that by consolidating infrastructure and focusing on projects that improve existing technologies and product frameworks in the blockchain field, we can deeply serve the current market share. At the level of expanding market boundaries, we focus on innovative projects that can lower the threshold in the cryptocurrency field and improve user experience to expand the potential, incremental market share.”