Jungle Safari: Upcoming Web3 Game To Get NFT Airdrop from Apejet

Jungle Safari: Upcoming Web3 Game To Get NFT Airdrop from Apejet

A GameFi ecosystem called Apejet aims to introduce blockchain technology’s potential to the gaming industry. The Apejet ecosystem seeks to build a platform that enables game developers to raise money by integrating Apejet into their games and making JET tokens the rewards players receive. Selling JET tokens to players would allow game developers to raise funds for their projects. Gamers who buy JET tokens first will have access to beta testing and special in-game items.

There is 110000 JET in total supply that can be distributed. JET tokens can be used to buy in-game items, upgrade gear, and get access to exclusive items. It is important to note that getting JET tokens will make playing games more enjoyable. It should be mentioned that the JET token is a utility-based token built on the BEP-20 standard that helps to utilize the current Ethereum infrastructure.

The Apejet ecosystem has prioritised offering users a great playing environment where they can easily enjoy their favourite games. Interestingly, they can mine JET tokens as they play these games. The integrated rewards system of Apejet expands the possibilities for gaming. Gamers can always exchange their JET tokens for real money at any time, which is an intriguing consideration.

To assist developers in obtaining funding for their endeavours, Apejet is introducing an Initial Game Offering (IGO) coin offering mechanism. Through beta testing, the developers will work with investors, rewarding them with benefits and unique items that can be sold. Through a referral program that generates a continuous income stream for every lead, regardless of whether that lead ultimately becomes a follower of an Influencer, Apejet enables Influencers to monetize their followers.

Through the In-Game Market and Game Marketplace, the Apejet ecosystem enables merchants to easily and affordably promote their goods online. For developers to create their preferred games and features, Apejet offers a quicker and more scalable platform. Developers in the Apejet ecosystem have the flexibility to change the gameplay to match trends in the gaming industry. After finishing the prototype, the developers can start pitching the game to investors, experienced players, bloggers, and other influencers within the Apejet ecosystem.

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Game developers can use the money they raise at this stage to finish the game’s development, which is necessary before the game is made available to the general public.

10,000 NFTs will be given to 10,000 Apejet Holders as part of the innovative Apejet ecosystem game Jungle Safari. Four different NFT types are distinguished: Super Rare (500 NFTs), Rare (1500 NFTs), Basic (3000 NFTs), and Normal (5000 NFTs). It’s also important to note that the Apejet ecosystem intends to introduce its decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, Amira, on October 6th at the Dubai Crypto Expo. The Apejet crew will be in attendance at Expo stall No. 95. The decentralized crypto wallet that Apejet is developing will have a chat feature that will help to connect its users.