MEXC Global Exceeds 10 Million User-Base, Upgrades Brand Color to “Ocean Blue”

MEXC Global Exceeds 10 Million User-Base, Upgrades Brand Color to "Ocean Blue"

In celebration of its consistent growth trajectory, particularly reaching over 10 million users, MEXC Global has adopted the proposed brand color change. Aside from celebrating the milestone, the world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange is rebranding to spread awareness of what it upholds—Users Come First.

The move comes after a highly responsive survey conducted in South Korea. MEXC conducted multiple discussions in other nations and researched the global markets as well in order to make an informed decision.

The initial survey kicked off in June this year, and the shift from the old “Forest Green” to the new “Ocean Blue” color palette received overwhelming support. There wouldn’t be a better time to transition than this season, when the platform is celebrating a record-breaking 10 million subscribers. Further, the decision will see MEXC Global honor its principle, ‘Users Come First’, which has contributed to the platform’s success.

“When we look back at MEXC’s history, ‘Users Come First’ has always been more than a motto – it is the recipe to our success,” said Andrew Weiner, the vice president of MEXC Global.

Why Ocean Blue?

“When MEXC first started, we adopted “Forest Green” as the main color to represent the brand, and dreamt that the team would be full of vitality and feel a sense of unity as one through this hue. After 4 years of development, we have matured, steadily excelled, and fought head-on with responsibility. Blue oceans cover 71.35% of Earth’s surface, whereas forests account for just 7.27%. Forests are fragile and restricted to land – but the sea is immense and limitless. ‘Ocean Blue’ incorporates ‘every river that flows into the sea,” explained Weiner. 

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“Ocean Blue” is a more accurate reflection of MEXC’s brand identity. We are calm and professional, open and inclusive, and powerful and innovative – inviting every user to dive deep and explore what treasures MEXC has to offer! ” he added.

About MEXC Global

Established in 2018, MEXC Global is a leading exchange with one of the highest numbers of listed cryptocurrencies. It has a presence in different countries including, Canada, the US, Australia, and Estonia. However, the MEXC headquarters is in Singapore.