Metaverse Unveils Gene Finance-Powered NTF Platform ‘Stickers’

Metaverse Unveils Gene Finance-Powered NTF Platform Stickers

Metaverse, an open-source decentralized protocol, has announced the launch of Stickers, an NFT platform that is powered by the Gene Finance ecosystem. Notably, the Gene Finance ecosystem is a multi-chain decentralized financial ecosystem currently available on Ethereum Huobi Eco Chain, Metaverse ETP, and Metaverse DNA.

After successfully launching Stickers on Metaverse, plans are underway to introduce it on the Binance Smart Chain in the coming weeks to tap on a larger market. The company seeks to further venture into the digital artwork global market through the blockchain industry. Furthermore, there has been a notable wave of digital artwork collectors and sellers in the past few months accounting to billions of money spent in a short period.

Reportedly, Stickers NFT platform aims to bring more exciting aspects into the industry beyond buying and selling of digital artworks.

“We see many opportunities to innovate with NFTs and incorporate them into the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. We’re excited to give NFT holders more chances to get rewarded for their participation in the community,” said Eric Gu, CEO of Gene Finance and founder of Metaverse ETP.

Among the notable new features introduced through the Stickers NFT platform include unique DeFi incentives, acceleration cards and advanced token economics for the corresponding Stickers Tokens (SKS). 


Notably, Stickers NFT platform was developed in such a way that for anyone to mint their NFTs, they must SKS tokens for days to earn daily rewards dubbed Tinders. For one to earn more Tinders to mint their NFTs on the Stickers platform, one is expected to hold the SKS tokens for more days. As a result, cumulative Tinders reward will enable one to mint more non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

“SKS holders staking on Genesis Pool will also have the opportunity to earn a wide variety of Stickers cards – common cards, relic cards, rare cards, and legendary cards,” the company added.

The company is betting huge in the digital artwork industry, the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. Furthermore, figures suggest a growing demand for NFTs and avenues to sell them. 

However, accessing a reputable liquidity is a major factor that determines the future prospects of the NFT platform. Additionally, a secure and scalable blockchain technology is key in ensuring the credibility of the NFT platform. The primary reason Stickers NFT platform was developed on Metaverse blockchain, an advanced architecture for secure, easy to create digital assets, and digital identities.