MetaSoccer: Soccer Game To Reward Fans And Players In The Metaverse

MetaSoccer: Soccer Game To Reward Fans And Players In The Metaverse

There is no mention of any successful blockchain or cryptocurrency project without mentioning the gaming sector. The blockchain gaming industry has triumphed greatly with numerous potentials and bringing investment opportunities to institutional and individual investors. Even so, the introduction of the metaverse concept is allowing more people to join the fun wagon.

Champions Games, a Spanish 6- years old game studio led by Marc Cercos, Alex Fiestas, and Patxi Barrios created  MetaSoccer, a new and promising metaverse-based NFT game. Metasoccer is the world’s first soccer game that is playable within the metaverse. Being inspired by life-like sports, the project allows its players the privilege of managing their FC clubs, gaining new soccer experience even as they play, and earn rewards at the end of the match.

Why MetaSoccer is unique

MetaSoccer is a unique combination of blockchain gaming, Defi, sports betting, and football. This is the first project of its kind in the gaming industry. This project gives its users a realistic feeling of being an FC club manager in that the user can find, train, play and earn rewards from young NFT soccer players. 

The manager can scout for young players using the “find” function using the youth scout and train them using the “training” function to enhance the skills of new players. The “play” mode is used for developing individual players who are ready to win official matches against other Metasoccer teams.

Users earn MSU (MetaSoccer Universe) tokens when they win in all kinds of league matches and generate more income for their clubs by playing and winning the most matches. They also earn by selling NFT players they searched and found using the Youth Scouts as well as by gaining sponsorship and merchandising income.


MSU holders:

  • get to take part in the governance process of Metasoccer
  • get Opportunities to test the newest features
  • get the chance to vote for significant governance decisions
  • gain access to exclusive NFT releases as they happen

NFT assets are owned solely by the users. These assets are generated securely and procedurally by Metasoccer based on the ERC-721 standard. The Metasoccer team highlights and emphasizes players evolving their assets. This means that after an NFT player reaches his peak performance by competing, the player would start to age with time.

The champions Game company raised €2 million during its funding rounds led by Play Ventures, a Spanish Investment fund. The company has related and garnered support from  Ath21 and polygon,  DAO Maker, Defiance Capital, Kyros Ventures, Parafi Capital, and Metrix Capital. Metasoccer has already issued 72 million MSU tokens during its private sale and a total of 18 million MSU tokens during its public sale. 

One of the important goals the company aims at achieving in 2022 is to complete the development phase of the game by hiring global talents who excel at Golang Technologies and solid Onchain programming. MetaSoccer also prioritizes marketing strategies to attract relevant audiences that makeup about 40% of the global population. These audiences and users are football and blockchain enthusiasts who are interested in generating stable daily income while enjoying a fun-filled gaming experience.