MetaMall Announces $4.6 Million Seed, Strategic and Private Sale Rounds

MetaMall Announces $4.6 Million Seed, Strategic and Private Sale Rounds

MetaMall, a metaverse platform built on the Solana blockchain that is currently hosting three of the world’s biggest technologies (VR, NFTs and DeFi) has announced a successful completion of its seed, strategic and private sale rounds.

The funding round saw the platform raising a whopping $4.6 million via token sales and more than $1 million was also raised through NFT Real Estate sales. The event saw massive investments from reputable Capital Venture firms like 316VC, MarsVC, WLI Capital, BullPerks, HVS Ventures, CCK ventures, and some others as noted in the announcement.

MetaMall Announces $4.6 Million Seed, Strategic and Private Sale Rounds

MetaMall as a Primary Center For Crypto Enthusiasts of All Levels

MetaMall has been built to serve as a virtual space where users can buy, sell and lease virtual Real Estate, build and sell Real Estate as NFTs, organize and also host virtual games, events, and galleries. It is designed to offer users an exclusive opportunity to easily and conveniently engage with some of the biggest brands in the commerce, business, and entertainment industries from the comfort of their homes.

Amongst the exclusive encounter, the platform had prepared for its users is the access to crypto knowledge and immersive entertainment it would grant them in one location. Per the announcement, MetaMall is set to serve as a primary center for crypto enthusiasts of all levels, also providing its token holders with the opportunity to make money for themselves by owning Real Estate, selling advertising, playing games, creating networks, and much more. The platform has tagged its token holders with the name, “MetaMallers”.

The team behind the platform revealed that the funds raised in the just concluded funding rounds will utilized towards deploying necessary infrastructures that would foster the growth of the ecosystem.


They noted that the funds will be used to scale up the tech and marketing teams and to work with leading tech platforms and designers to deliver the most innovative and engaging metaverse for a proper and enjoyable retail and gaming experience.

Serge Gianchandani, the co-founder of MetaMall expressed his delights on the development saying; “We see generations of users spending quality time on Metaverse for gaming, social networking as well as building wealth. Metamall is a unique convergence of metaverse, NFT, and crypto that enables enriching user experience as well as giving brands, individuals, and experience owners to connect with their audience. We are very excited as this journey enters its next phase.”

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