Meme Token Baguette Token Set for Listing on ProBit Exchange

Meme Token Baguette Token Set for Listing on ProBit Exchange

ProBit Exchange will be listing Baguette token on October 16 at 16:00 KST with a trio of trading pairs including KRW, USDT, and BTC across liquid markets.

A special BGTT trading competition replete with a booster feature will start on October 19 at 11:00 KST with a prize pool of 150,000 BGTT and 250 USDT. The booster feature has become a popular addition to select trading competitions and provides an opportunity for BGTT traders to unlock double rewards when achieving a total trading volume of 700,000 USDT. 

Baguette token is another ERC-20 entrant into the latest meme token movement and features competitive advantages over popular mainstays such as DOGE including increased block generation capacity and more efficient output with the platform generating blocks every 13 seconds. 

BGTT will also roll out additional benefits for its holders such as staking, shopping features, and a full-scale game. Stakers will soon be able to generate passive BGTT rewards following Baguette Token’s recent partnership with one of the top SaaS platforms Ferrum Network

The new decentralized staking feature is expected to launch in early November. 



Baguette Token is a community-based meme project which is building the Favorite Cryptocurrency of Baguette Eaters — the project is still under development.

BGTT has/will have several use cases including DeFi ones.

Baguette Token tries to overtake Dogecoin through baguettening, which refers to the possible future event when Baguette Token overtakes Dogecoin to become the most valuable meme in terms of market capitalization.


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