Max Keiser Says Bitcoin Will Cross $15,000 This Week As Confidence In Fiat Currency Drops

Hitting $10k Means Bitcoin Will Break Past The $15K Price Level - Tyler Winklevoss

As Bitcoin continues to inch higher in price, optimism for a better market is growing. Keiser Report host Max Keiser has voiced his own optimism, saying Bitcoin could exceed $15,00 this week. Bitcoin is currently trading at well over $10,800 after it started recovering from the short dip that took it down to $9,000.

Confidence In Fiat Money Is At A Multi-Decade Low

There you go. Keiser’s confidence is rooted in the fact that investors and the general public have never lost as much confidence in fiat money as they do now in decades. The ongoing U.S-China trade war is not helping matters and given the prediction of an impending recession, investors are seeking a safe haven investment and most now consider Bitcoin rather than gold.

Not only fiat money but central banks and governments that issue them have lost the trust of the people according to Keiser. Not just that, important figures in finance and government have started coming out to admit that Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold, which explains why Bitcoin could be heading higher.

Higher To $100,000

Max Keiser is famous for predicting a $100,000 price for Bitcoin in the next few years. The prediction came since 2011 and he has held onto it up to now. The Keiser Report host also believes altcoins will be “killed” as Bitcoin continues to surge towards the predicted price. Bitcoin itself has not made much progress in the last month, but altcoins have been held down, which could give some truth to his claims.


Keiser is not the only one bullish, but the closest prediction to this is the indication from Bitcoin’s daily chart which analyst Joe McCann believes is pointing to $17,000 by the end of August. The time it will take however is much longer and if Bitcoin does hit $15,000 this week, does that mean it will reach higher at the end of the month?