Mars4 Recounts Its Revenue-Generating NFT Land Plots And In-Game Metaverse

Mars4 Recounts Its Revenue-Generating NFT Land Plots And In-Game Metaverse

Mars4 is a Mars Metaverse that brings users the virtual experience of the red planet, along with unique NFTs and play-to-earn (P2E) games. Mars4 users get to explore the fourth planet in an exciting manner similar to the first experience of landing on the planet.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Mars4 Metaverse leverages the network’s high transaction processing speeds. MARS4 dollars is the platform’s native currency, of which there is an initial supply of 4 billion tokens.

Importantly, Mars4 consists of a modeled 3D map of Mars’ terrain as per NASA’s data on the planet. Mars4 has divided the land into 99.888 unique plots, each represented by an NFT. A third of the total token supply is utilized in minting these NFTs. 51% of the income generated from the land NFTs is redistributed to the previous NFT holders as a passive income.

Notably, Mars4 utilizes epochs to distribute income to NFT holders. Each epoch starts after a new batch of 10,000 NFTs has been sold. The platform entered the first epoch on Sept. 24, 2021, with 3.5 million MARS4 tokens up for redistribution.

There are numerous benefits of owning a Mars4 NFT land plot. Since the NFTs exist on an uncheatable blockchain, holders never have to worry about their safety. Collectors also get passive earnings from every transaction that occurs on the Mars4 Metaverse. They can terraform their planets as they wish, building civilizations for the first Martians settling on the red earth.


Additionally, with time, the value of the NFT land plots rises exponentially as plots become increasingly scarce. Interested parties are, therefore, advised to purchase NFTs as soon as possible, to enjoy the benefits of holding them as prices surge.

To purchase a Mars land NFT, users need to visit the Mars4 official website, which is The site has more detailed information on the Mars4 NFT Metaverse. On the main menu, is an “NFT SALE” tab that directs users to a page with the button “Buy Mars Land NFTs.” Clicking on this opens the 3D layout of Mars from which users can locate the piece of land they like and purchase it through the “Buy” button. The “View” button then grants NFT holders access to their land plots.

MARS4 tokens have now been listed on Bittrex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange with a reputation in trust and security. The exchange offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies to the US market, alongside credible digital wallets and fast trade executions. Users can also access the tokens on SushiSwap decentralized exchange (DEX) or stake them there for passive income. In the fourth week of October, the SushiSwap Onsen Program will implement a double multiplier, giving users the chance to earn more tokens.

In the future, Mars4 plans to integrate more staking and liquidity mining capabilities as additional income generators. With all these features, Mars4 is poised to become a world-class NFT platform that not only enables artistic expression but also acts as a yield generating protocol.