MarketsPilot: Technology is the Name of the Game

MarketsPilot: Technology is the Name of the Game


Owned and operated by Click World Ltd, is a growing trading brand that’s specialized in providing access to cryptocurrency-related contracts. With several important trading features like the proprietary trading software and a wide range of assets, the company wants to create an optimal environment where traders can engage in the crypto market and manage to profit from the consistent volatility. logo

Trading Software

To provide a unique trading experience and features, MarketsPilot had built its trading software called SIRIX. The company had managed to integrate some of the latest technologies and currently provides the platform in four different versions:

  • MarketsPilot SIRIX Web – which is the browser version of the platform.
  • MarketsPilot SIRIX Mobile Android – designed for traders using Android devices.
  • MarketsPilot SIRIX Mobile iOS – for iPhone or iPad fans. 
  • MarketsPilot SIRIX Desktop – for traders who want to install the software on their computer. 

The cryptocurrency market is a fast-paced environment and as a result, traders need to have the right tools to anticipate how prices will move and place trades in a split-second. SIRIX comes with built-in advanced charts, multiple drawing tools, and price indicators, alongside several other tools that should be discussed separately.


Firstly, we must emphasize the platform comes with social trading features. That means beginners can watch how professional traders place trades and copy them. The windows are constantly open on the right side of the platform at any point and the social stream is updated constantly once any trader makes a move. 

Secondly, MarketsPilot clients will get access to constant news updates, allowing them to be updated with the latest market developments. The cryptocurrency market is highly sensitive to breaking news and that means traders need to be constantly updated. 

Moving to the mobile versions, SIRIX had to adapt to a mobile environment, as well, to facilitate trading from a smaller screen. All the functionalities had been implemented on both the Android and iOS versions, meaning traders can trade on-the-go at any point in time. 

Lastly, the desktop version is there to satisfy traders that don’t want to interact with the market via a browser. It’s the same platform, but in this case, they will be able to open and login fast, without visiting any web page. 

Variety of Crypto Assets

Many popular brokers had already included cryptocurrency contracts on their instruments list, but the difference-maker when it comes to MarketsPilot has to do with the number of different cryptocurrencies supported. At the time of writing, there are tens of different crypto-to-fiat and crypto-to-crypto CFDs available for trading. 

Clients will be able to trade cryptocurrencies against the US dollar, Euro, or Tether, as well as trade weak/strong cryptocurrencies mainly against Bitcoin or Ether. Spreads are flexible and dependent on market liquidity and popularity. MarketsPilot offers contracts based on Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, EOS, XRP, Ethereum Classic, Stellar, Lumens, and plenty of other tokens. 

The offer is ideal for those who want to focus their trading on the cryptocurrency market. The wide range of contracts will enable traders to have diversified exposure and find opportunities in different cryptocurrencies. 


MarketsPilot provides a very comprehensive trading offer that wants to serve the needs of cryptocurrency traders. With a platform integrating the latest technologies and with support for a wide range of crypto contracts, traders choosing to work with the company can get access to trading features tailored towards meeting the challenges of the cryptocurrency market. For more information on the services provides by MarketsPilot, feel free to check their official website!