Lucky Gift Cards: When The Pool Wins, You Win Bitcoin

Lucky Gift Cards Review: When The Pool Wins, You Win Bitcoin

Gift cards are always popular due to their flexibility. A recipient can head to the store and purchase anything they want on their own time. The giver does not have to worry or stress about finding the perfect gift. They also don’t have to figure out what a loved one or friend’s personal needs or preferences are.

But did you know there’s a way to give a gift card to commemorate a special occasion and help them potentially win bitcoin? And before you ask: Yes, you can also purchase a Lucky Gift Card for yourself!

Lucky Gift Cards allow holders to win bitcoin by participating in a lottery pool based on results from the well-known German National Lottery (6aus49) through Crypto Millions Lotto.

What Is Lucky Gift Cards All About?

Lottery pools have grown in popularity as members have much better chances of winning. Lucky Gift Cardholders can win prizes worth hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin. All entries are also eligible to win jackpots totaling $30 million or more.

Users who purchase a Lucky Gift Card for themselves or a relative, with either crypto or a credit card, are automatically entered to the lottery pool after registering the card on There’s no other action a holder has to take other than check their dashboard after each 6aus49 lottery draw and see if they won. 

Image Source: Lucky Gift Cards Website

The process to buy a Lucky Gift Card is pretty simple, especially since holders do not have to worry about navigating lottery draws in their own time. The pool does all the work for gift card holders!

All prizes are paid in bitcoin automatically and can be withdrawn or saved. Lucky Gift Card team members say the average winnings from a $100 card bought five years ago would total more than $6,000 as of February 2021.

Lucky Gift Cards Background and Team 

The project looks to be well-established even though it’s only a few months old. Lucky Gift Cards piloted in February 2021 for Chinese New Year. Facebook, WeChat, and Instagram are some of the social media platforms that Lucky Gift Cards are featured on.

Lucky Gift Cards is managed by Wilmington Holdings Plc and group companies registered in the UK. Sulim Malook serves as the CEO.

Malook has an interesting backstory, having traded options on Government Bonds Futures for two decades at the London International Financial Futures Exchange. 

He looks to have a large amount of experience in the lottery space through his work with Lucky Gift Cards and Crypto Millions Lotto. He also notes in an interview how his first entrepreneurial venture was a stock market lottery app. 

Steps To Buy A Lucky Gift Card 

There’s a simple three-step process to buy Lucky Gift Cards (enter amount, email, date of delivery).

Users have the option to use bitcoin, Ethereum, or a credit card (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, American Express) to buy a gift card for any amount. There are also standard pre-selected options of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, and $1,000.

Finally, a buyer enters the recipient’s name, email address, and date of delivery (cards are sent at 9 am GMT on the selected date). Instead of paying for each card individually, users can add multiple cards to their cart and then pay all at once.

It’s a pretty simple and clear-cut process to buy a Lucky Gift Card. It is great that users have the flexibility to choose between crypto and fiat currency when making purchases.

Lucky Gift Cards Usability and Functionality

Visitors to the Lucky Gift Cards website don’t have much to wade through. Pages are simple and sleek, allowing users to read more about the project, check out the terms and conditions and privacy policy, contact the team, and of course, buy a Lucky Gift Card.

Those with questions can turn towards the FAQ page to get simple answers to common questions. Lucky Gift Cards also invites people to contact the team via email or live chat with additional inquiries.

There’s also a physical mailing address and phone number listed on the website. The Lucky Gift Card team reminds callers they might incur international call fees if they call from outside the UK.

Regarding security, the Lucky Gift Cards team notes that they store information on secure servers and lists what constitutes personal data, how they collect information, and how they have systems in place to review and delete unneeded data.

Overall, the Privacy Policy page goes into detail about how data is used and what users can expect. There’s also a pretty comprehensive Cookie Policy page with a lot of information. It’s refreshing to see a crypto project that is clear and open about handling user information.

Right now, you can only view the website in English and Chinese. This is a good start, but it would most likely be prudent to expand language options down the road.


The Lucky Gift Cards platform is one unique way to get involved with bitcoin and potentially win big. Buying a card is simple and easy and there are no stressful processes to go through.

Lucky Gift Cards is clear and open about what they offer and seems to be pretty active and responsive on social media, giving the project strong future prospects as lottery pools keep growing in popularity.