Lucky Fury Aims To Shake Up The Play2Earn Space With Its NFT Collection

Lucky Fury Aims To Shake Up The Play2Earn Space With Its NFT Collection

Lucky Fury is an NFT collection with over 8,000 collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain, Lucky Fury is an NFT collection. Each NFT grants access to the Furry Roads blockchain game whitelist. As they gather, play the game, and communicate in the community, players will have the opportunity to win prizes, earn tokens around the racing course, and attain milestones.

The Furry Roads game is set to take the NFT metaverse to new heights, and the race is about to begin. Furry Roads, a new blockchain-based multiplayer game, will establish a multiplayer race game and an NFT collection that will allow players to be added to the whitelist and be a part of the future revolution.

In Lucky Fury, players can mint their NFT collection as unique, intriguing, and irreplaceable digital goods using Ethereum. Players may monetize and gain recognition for their collections in Furry Roads. Every NFT will include a rewards system that entitles each participant to tickets and opportunities to win during the giveaways. The beginning of a public auction. It will assist Lucky Fury in establishing a fund that will be used in frequent giveaways, charitable activities, and a large marketing campaign leading up to the game’s release.

For A Good Cause

Lucky Fury Marketplace is the first platform to focus on not just selling digital assets but also organizing charity activities to benefit certain communities. Furry Roads aspires to unite players around a common goal: to work together to define the project’s future. Apart from the charitable activities, the marketing effort will be bolstered by cooperation amongst other crypto influencers. In the following months of early 2022, there will be events and campaigns on Telegram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube that the community will undoubtedly be interested in.


The possibilities are endless in Lucky Fury. What can you do?

  • Mint your digital assets with the NFT in the Lucky Fury marketplace
  • Compete in the Furry Roads race and collect as many tokens as you can
  • Interact and join in the community for events and giveaways

Do check out their website as MINT NFT is about to happen soon!