signs a deal with CashBet to Accept Crypto Payments

362 signs a deal with CashBet to Accept Crypto Payments
Advertisement, which is a leading mobile lottery platform, has entered into a partnership with CashBet. The deal will enable the two partners to come up with a white label integration of CashBet’s proprietary iGaming platform to power social impact raffles. CashBet is a mobile-first iGaming platform provider and is also a first adopter of cryptocurrency.
According to the research by, which is well known for its large-scale international raffles wants to raise funds for charities and other humanitarian efforts all over the world. In order to achieve the goal, will integrate CashBet’s Coin which is CashBet’s cryptocurrency into its system. The coin will be used as a method of payment across its sites and apps. This way, will reach its goal of raising a substantial amount of the required charity funds.

The deal

In the transaction, will gain access to CashBet’s full SaaS toolkit. The access will also include marketing automation, loyalty, customized wallet and bonus activation features. will also enjoy CashBet’s comprehensive back office system and executive dashboards. Full KYC, a complete work queue and a ticketing system which will help run its 24/7 help-desk operations will also be available to team. On top of that, CashBet will provide content management, advanced data analytics and reporting services. All these services will go a long way toward enabling offer seamless services be it on the internet or the phone.


The firm was founded in 2012 and is based in California. It has over the years become a leading mobile-first iGaming platform. On its platform, one can access over 450 games. Its platform empowers social, skill-based social apps, websites and real-money from all over the world. The firm is licensed by Alderney Gambling Control Commission and the UK Gambling Commission. Currently, it is the only crypto-casino platform which is licensed by leading reputable tier-one gaming jurisdictions. The firm offers world-class and secure iGaming experience to clients all over the world.

According to Tony DiMatteo, CEO of, it has always been the goal of the firm to advance the industry while ensuring that integrity of the ecosystem as a whole is maintained. Payment processing is changing and customers are learning to embrace the convenience that comes with digital lotteries, he added. Eventually, aims to offer lotteries, social impact raffles and other games of chance on a truly global platform.

What did CEOs say?

The CEO of said that partnering with CashBet will help the firm enhance customers’ lottery experience. Payments will be instantaneous, transparency and flexibility will also be enjoyed. All this will help the company expand internationally.
Dr. Mike Reaves, CEO and co-founder of CashBet on his part said that CashBet is happy to be finally working with He acknowledged as a true force for social good and emphasized that its noble efforts will be boosted by the advanced suite of software and back-office tools that CashBet is offering in the deal.
Reaves further noted that CashBet’s technology will help enhance what already offers its customers. In the end, customers will enjoy a competitive entertainment experience. It is the intention of both firms to offer a model for socially responsible online gaming, he added.


The CashBet cryptocurrency

Recently, CashBet announced that it is developing the world’s first complete crypto-ready mobile iGaming platform. The platform will be powered by its own cryptocurrency. Greentube which is a subsidiary of NOVOMATIC has already committed to accepting the CashBet cryptocurrency payments across its networks. In yet another boast to CashBet, the altcoin has been named the official cryptocurrency of Arsenal Football Club.
The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the cryptocurrency will run from April 10th to the 27th of the same month.