LongHash Ventures Partners With Axelar to Launch Its First Accelerator Program

LongHash Ventures Partners With Axelar to Launch Its First Accelerator Program

Leading Web3 investment fund and accelerator LongHash Ventures, in collaboration with Axelar is set to cooperatively launch the LongHashX Accelerator Cohort 10 Axelar Cohort.

LongHash Ventures Integrates With Axelar

Following a recent announcement, LongHash Ventures is pleased to unveil its new partnership with Axelar, a cross-chain communication network for Web3. The partnership will see a synergy between Axelar and LongHash towards the first accelerator program of the Axelar network.

According to the announcement, the partnership came in after the recent success of Axelar’s inaugural grants initiative. This suggested a global interest in building chain-agnostic applications, hence fuelling Axelar’s desire to further facilitate the program.

Apparently, LongHash Ventures’ extensive experience running accelerator programs has deemed it extremely suitable for the proposed program. The company is committed to catalyzing growth for the next generation of the Web. Meanwhile, Axelar’s accelerator program is aimed towards accelerating Web3 projects with multi-chain use cases.

The CEO and Managing Partner of LongHash Ventures, Emma Cui, expressed the company’s delight on the opportunity proposed via the partnership saying;


“We are very excited to partner with the Axelar Foundation to launch the first global accelerator of the Axelar network. Axelar provides the infrastructure required to enable a secure multi-chain future, which aligns with LongHash Ventures’ overarching thesis. We are particularly excited to invest in and accelerate projects that will think about modular ways to use various ecosystems and connect to Axelar to bring out the best of each chain, and bring us closer to a multi-chain world.”

The partnership will see LongHash Ventures providing support for multi-chain projects that connect to the Axelar network and leveraging its General Message Passing (GMP) functionality. This feature enables developers to call any function on any dApp, on any chain.

Axelar, on the other hand, will support projects selected for the program by providing developer and technical support to help them go multi-chain and explore the possibilities of modular implementations to get the best out of each chain for their particular use case.

Speaking on the new development, Sergey Gorbunov, Co-Founder of Axelar Foundation, said;

“The success of the Axelar Grant Program has demonstrated global interest in building chain-agnostic applications. We’ve seen both developers and investors supporting this movement to help onboard the next hundreds of millions of users and simplify multi-chain interactions. Axelar’s unequaled security and functionality has made its ecosystem a funnel for forward-thinking Web3 dApp teams. We’re looking forward to accelerating those teams’ progress with LongHash Ventures as an experienced and well-connected global partner.”