Kitsumon Allows Users To Create Unique NFTs Through Its Newly Launched NFT Breeding Gameplay

Kitsumon Allows Users To Create Unique NFTs Through Its Newly Launched NFT Breeding Gameplay

Kitsumon, an NFT gaming platform, is excited to announce the launch of its Breeding Mainnet, allowing players the full capability to create unique NFTs called Hybrid Kitsus.

Notably, the first significant progress by the Kitsumon team since announcing its testnet on June 14, 2022. The testnet period reportedly saw hundreds of users test the Kitsumon gameplay aspects allowing the team to make the necessary adjustments.

The Kitsumon project is about collecting, Breeding, and caring for adorable Kitsu pets. The Kitsumon ecosystem provides a play-to-earn concept, farming, cooking, fishing, in-depth NFT breeding systems, land acquisition, and MOBA PvP modes.

The launch of the Breeding Mainnet provides players with the opportunity to create unique NFTs by combining two Kitsu creature NFTs. The birthchild created through this process inherits genetic elements through Digital DNA technology, with over 17 trillion possible outcomes.

Kitsumon’s creation process requires players to get their hands on egg NFTs through the Kitsumons integrated marketplace. Players need then to hatch eggs into Kitsu through the KitsuDex platform. There are 20 GEN-0 Kitsus. Each of them hatches from a specific Kitsu Egg and has pre-set DNA. Players can also purchase Infinity potions to help create the Hybrid Kitsu NFTs.


Commenting on the launch, the CEO of Kitsumon, James Kirkby, had this to say:

“It has been a mega few months of continuous hard work and development by the whole Kitsumon team. We, of course, have seen the whole Crypto market in a Bear Cycle, and this has been a unique opportunity to fine-tune and take things to a new level in the background. We are proud of the amazing achievements this year thus far and now with the addition of a massive Gameplay feature such as Breeding going Live fulfills not just a milestone but also our continued promise to our fans and users to develop continuously and bring out exciting gameplay aspects to our game”.

A Kitsu is imprinted with up to three creator addresses and formulates a micro-ecosystem with numerous income capabilities. Players can use their assets for battles within the MOBA as more players engage in these activities, the more revenue generation. Note that the breeding process promotes Bloodline Royalties, a royalty reward system built into the DNA of all created NFTs.

Players can earn more passive income by generating their Referral Code through the new Player Rewards Dashboard. Players can earn bonus rewards for anyone that obtains Potions through their unique link.