Londefy Rebase Token Brings Valuable Experience To Binance Smart Chain Investors

Londefy Rebase Token Brings Valuable Experience To Binance Smart Chain Investors

Rebase tokens have had great success in the cryptocurrency industry and have brought on a new trend of token issuance. More and more industry players are now seeking a way to increase rebase token exposure.

Notably, a rebase token is one with an elastic supply smart contract which increases or reduces token supply as per fluctuations in the token price. That is, users’ tokens increase when the price increases and reduce when the price falls, thus ensuring some stability in token price. This applies across all token holders and liquidity providers. The algorithmic adjustment is of benefit as it ensures a consistently rising price floor, which also provides great advertising for the project.

Londefy (CRYPTO: LDF), is one of the rising stars in the history of rebasing tokens. As its CEO Jack MacDonald says, Londefy is “a truly rebase token solidified by professional people and a community of real investors.”

In addition to intrinsic features of rebasing tokens, Londefy boasts of a rewarding mechanism dubbed “The triple R effect” meaning, rebase with rewards on rewards. This mechanism lets Londefy holders receive the Londex reward token through the Londex platform. Londex will also enable these users to receive BEP20 Ethereum reflections.

Moreover, Londefy has an integrated Dashboard App on its website for users to monitor their earnings, rewards, and token market status in real-time. The project is also pushing a strong marketing campaign using top crypto influencers and media sites.


In recent weeks, many rebase tokens have undergone up to 4,000% growth. This tremendous boost, alongside the hype surrounding the launch of the Londefy project, is expected to take the token to new heights in the exponential rebase trend.

Londefy’s unique smart contract distributes a 16% fee on each transaction in four ways. 5% is directed towards the investor reward system, and another 5% goes to marketing activities. 4% is used for rebasing and token buybacks, and 2% is used to provide continuous support to the project.

Following its successful launch, Londefy now boasts of a $1.1 million market cap and over 2,000 holders. Its adaption has been supported by its two innovative mechanisms, namely: smart rebasing and significant rewarding. Unlike other systems, Londefy rewards its users with Londex, a promising project widely expected to scale new heights.

All these attributes give Londefy a strong upward trajectory. This guarantees investors unique price stability, huge profits, and a chance to gain exposure to Londex, one of the industry’s best utilities.

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