LetsExchange Launches Crypto Trading Service With Smart Exchange Rates

LetsExchange Launches Crypto Trading Service With Smart Exchange Rates

For each trade, LetsExchange instantly selects the best rate across the world’s leading liquidity providers and allows the trader secure this rate at the beginning of the transaction.

Cryptocurrency trading can be a very lucrative activity. Because of the price volatility of many coins, the possibilities to make gains through short-term trading are big. Two factors influence the outcome of a trade. First, the trader must buy crypto at the best possible rate. And second, the trader must be able to buy or sell the crypto assets without delays.

The LetsExchange platform has been designed to maximize traders’ gains by facilitating the two factors mentioned above. With the use of this service, traders can get the most profitable exchange rate available on the market at a given moment. What’s more, the platform ensures that the said rate remains unchanged until the trade is completed.

This newly launched service also eliminates delays in the processing of transactions by waiving registration, KYC screening, and other authentication and authorization procedures. The platform’s founders elaborate on these features that allow traders to maximize their gains:

  • The registration process and KYC authentication are time-consuming. Traders usually cannot afford to waste much time in such procedures as the cryptocurrency market is volatile, and exchange rates may change significantly within a few minutes. With LetsExchange, traders can benefit from these fluctuations by buying and selling cryptocurrencies as soon as they decide, without hassle and delays.
  • LetsExchange works with the world’s top liquidity providers including Binance, Okex, KuCoin, Gate, Huobi, and more. By using its SmartRate technology, the platform always offers the most profitable rate across all the exchanges. In this way, traders won’t waste time in comparing rates and researching the market status at a given moment.
  • This platform offers the possibility to secure the most profitable exchange rate by selecting the Fixed Rates option. This feature will maintain the said rate unchanged until the completion of the trade. But if a trader prefers to forecast the rate fluctuations in a bid to maximize their gain, the floating rates option allows doing it. Each trader has the freedom to choose the most convenient strategy.
  • Thanks to the use of fully automated exchange algorithms, the only delay in a transaction’s processing time depends on the selected cryptocurrency’s network speed. The average transaction time is 10 minutes.
  • Those users who prefer peer-to-peer transactions can benefit from the DeX offered by LetsExchange.
  • The platform offers not only crypto swaps but fiat exchanges, too. Currently, LetsExchange supports about 80 fiat currencies.

The LetsExhange platform at https://letsexchange.io is now ready to help traders maximize their gains by guaranteeing the best rates and eliminating unnecessary delays.


About LetsExchange

LetsExchange is a one-stop multicurrency exchange service free of registration, limits, and complications. It supports 1800+ coins that makes 3,2 mln currency pairs and automatically select the best rate across all major crypto exchanges for each trade. Built by a team of crypto visionaries with 10+ years of experience in the blockchain space and fintech, LetsExchange saves your time at each step of a crypto swap and amplifies your trading revenue.