LBank Successfully Holds Satellite Exhibition Event At Bitcoin Miami 2022

LBank Successfully Holds Satellite Exhibition Event At Bitcoin Miami 2022

On April 6, global crypto exchange LBank successfully held a satellite event following the Bitcoin Miami 2022 as a first-time sponsor and exhibitor. The exchange attracted over 500 attendees from the digital asset industry, whom it informed of its many goals for the crypto community.

At 35,000 attendees, Bitcoin Miami 2022 was one of the largest crypto gatherings ever held. More specifically, the event marks the largest ever held in honor of Bitcoin since its inception. At the event, LBank had a chance to directly showcase its products and services, in addition to sharing its vision for the US.

At the event, LBank COO Shantnoo Saxsena remarked:

“The crypto industry is all about difference. As you can see this is the same old bull that we’ve seen always, but this bull is 2.0 which makes it so graceful and wonderful.”

Notably, the sleek dark bull was crafted as a representation of new world order and growth structure, with crypto at the helm of the global financial system. This is the same mantra that LBank is fostering, starting with Miami.


Dubbed “Chill and Chat with LBank,” the exchange’s satellite event gave attendees more insight into crypto and LBank, in addition to being a socialization platform.

“We were so glad to have so many people join us and we’ve certainly made a lot of new friends,” LBank CMO Kaia Wang said.

Now that the Miami event is done, LBank is planning to sponsor Coindesk Consensus 2022 in mid-June. LBank staff have confirmed that the exchange will not only exhibit at the event, it will also host a speaking session.

Founded in 2015, LBank has largely concentrated in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where it has a major office in the pro-crypto city of Dubai. This year, the exchange wants to expand its geographical coverage to include the US.

“We see great potential in the US. Miami welcomed us with open arms and we are more than excited about Austin (where Coindesk Consensus will be hosted),” a representative said, adding, “We hope to further establish our presence in the US and Europe. Many think LBank is a new company because we are not very well known in the US. We are one of the older players in the game with 7 years under our belt. We hope to expand in the US within the next few years and you will certainly be seeing a lot more from us.”

With over 6.4 million users and over 210 regions in its coverage, LBank is one of the most popular and trusted platforms for crypto trading, specialized financial derivatives, and professional asset management.