LBank Exchange Embarks on Global Educational Campaign

LBank Exchange Embarks on Global Educational Campaign

LBank went on a global grassroots educational campaign in July. The campaign was taken to the LBank community globally and, apart from being alluring, interactional, and most importantly, educational, also became an avenue for philanthropic work that helped the less privileged.

LBank Labs, LBank’s investment division, has been working hard to identify new businesses worth incubating and ended the month with a “Fintech Meetup ” that brought together all budding experts to discuss crypto regulation and the next-generation innovative financial solutions.

Countries that benefited from LBank’s outreach include India, Turkey, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia, and many other regions.

In India

LBank took its educational tour to India’s four cities: Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, and Mumbai. Crypto instructors, analysts, fans, founders and professionals working in the Web3 field were among the attendees at the event, which was co-organised by Encryptus,  Azadi records, and LBank Labs. 

Many of the attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the blockchain and cryptocurrency world during the meetup, which some describe as “the first crypto Indian show that put users at the core.”


The LBank Crypto Turkey Summer Fest 

LBank held a 4-day gathering in Izmir, FoçaZmir, Foça, to mark the beginning of summer for the Turkish community. Students from tertiary institutions, ecosystem builders and influencers were in attendance and had the chance to network with other blockchain professionals, developers and crypto enthusiasts. 

Everyone had a great time with a yoga session, presentations on blockchain entrepreneurship, the metaverse and Web3 learning symposium, a colour festival, and spectacular afterparties. 

In Africa, the African team implemented crypto learning at their community level. They held AMAs (Ask me Anything) and masterclasses on “Simplified crypto trading” for experienced and new traders in many cities across the continent.

Meanwhile, winners of the “Crypto Accelerator Program,” an initiative between LBank and a Kenyan-based venture studio — Adanian Labs, have been announced, and seventeen blockchain projects are training.

With all the fun in every region in July, the month of August still holds more with events and notable developments from LBank, a cutting-edge global trading platform for different crypto assets.