Fireworks On PrimeXBT: Top Covesting Traders Rocket 2,000% Higher During July 2022

Fireworks On PrimeXBT: Top Covesting Traders Rocket 2,000% Higher During July 2022

July is often associated with fireworks, especially in the United States, which celebrates its Independence Day during the month. However, July 2022 will forever be an incredible month in the Covesting global leaderboards on PrimeXBT.

The award-winning trading platform has released its second-ever monthly trader’s report, and the results of the month show several new traders soaring higher in ranking and generating substantial profits along the way.

Here is a closer look at how top Covesting traders on PrimeXBT performed in July 2022.

What Is Copy Trading On PrimeXBT, And Why Does It Matter?

The PrimeXBT margin trading platform provides traders with access to more than 100 different trading instruments under one roof and is available via a free smartphone app for Android and iOS devices.

Also packed into the same platform are professional trading tools, education, passive investing opportunities, COV token integration, and the Covesting copy trading module. The Covesting module is an exclusive peer-to-peer copy trading community available on PrimeXBT available to all in just a few clicks. 


Depending on their skill level, traders can either choose to become a strategy manager or a follower, and the two types of accounts are interconnected throughout the experience. Strategy managers track their performance for followers to see, while followers can follow these top traders and copy their trades automatically.

Because the performance is tracked within the fully transparent leaderboard at all times, PrimeXBT regularly tallies this data for each month and shares it in a monthly trader’s report to provide the community with intel about which strategies are worth following.

The PrimeXBT July 2022 Monthly Traders Report Summarized

The PrimeXBT monthly traders report looks at the following metrics:

  • All-time profits
  • Monthly profits
  • Monthly profits among newcomers (new registration during the same month)
  • The highest win ratio

Without a doubt, the most shocking metric of all is the fact that four top traders are at a 100% win ratio. One of these traders made this incredible feat with more than 100 closed trades. Top traders, in terms of all-time and monthly profits, topped the charts at more than 2,000% returns.

A newcomer reached #1 in total profits, with more than 2,300% ROI. The rest of the top traders include familiar faces, fresh faces, and many happy followers who earned while these high-ranked traders did. Top traders such as Boston Dyne, Citadel Two, and Bitenergy were stand-outs on the list.

With so much data to cover and dozens of traders to name, we recommend visiting the official PrimeXBT blog to view the July 2022 Covesting monthly trader’s report yourself to learn which strategy managers potentially suit your profit goals and risk appetite. 

Check Out Covesting Copy Trading On PrimeXBT And Follow Top Traders Today

The PrimeXBT July monthly trader’s report is a special tool for strategy managers and followers. Strategy managers get to be in the spotlight on the PrimeXBT blog, while followers get the best performance data possible –– straight from the official source. Even the competition gets to see who is who and know what they are up against. 

Don’t miss the latest instalment of the PrimeXBT monthly trader’s report, or head right to the Covesting copy trading module to begin following one of the top traders on the list.