LBank: An Overview Of The Crypto Asset Trading Platform

Despite The Market Downturn, LBank Exchange Stands With The Crypto Community

One of the leading platforms for trading cryptocurrency assets, LBank offers a variety of products and services to users worldwide, including cryptocurrency trading, derivatives, currency quantification, currency interest creation, and other services.

Currently, LBank is licensed by the NFA, MSB, Canada MSB, and Australian AUSTRAC, with additional licenses being developed.

The exchange also introduced an NFT Marketplace so users could trade NFTs more easily from the top digital artists in the world. The Marketplace and the Auction Market are two of the sections on the NFT trading platform. Users can upload their own NFT creations, which can be in PNG, JPG, or JEGE formats right now.

LBank’s continual focus on the requirements of its more than 7 million user community has allowed it to keep up with the rapidly changing markets. Inevitably, LBank Exchange has undergone substantial adjustments, system upgrades, and new features over the past 12 months.

The majority of the tokens on LBank’s list are traded against Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users can profit through staking options that are flexible and locked and have the highest annual percentage yield (APY).


LBank Features

Spot Market

Even novice traders can use LBank’s spot market trading section without assistance, thanks to its extreme simplification. On the platform, spot trading is divided into Altcoins (ALT), USD, GameFi, ETF, BTC trading pairs, and ETH trading pairs. Spot trading is one of the most popular trading preferences for investors.

This undoubtedly makes it much easier for traders to choose the asset class they want to invest in. The GameFi section appears to be the most recent venture that cryptocurrency investors are currently investing a significant portion of their funds.

Trade in Grids

Grid trading can be easily automated or manually set up on the LBank platform. Without missing any market information, the trading bot operates around the clock.

The grid trading bot is completely accessible to everyone and doesn’t require a subscription. It is simple to use and accessible without having to anticipate market trends.

As it is risky and can result in both gains and losses, you can start by reading the Grid Trading Tutorial.


LBank provides institutional-grade trading capabilities for cryptocurrency derivatives. It enables buyers and sellers of futures and perpetual contracts on various crypto assets. Users can diversify their portfolios with the platform’s leveraged ETF and futures trading.

Leveraged ETF

Leveraged ETFs can be traded using the spot trading method on the platform by LBank users. Both 3X long leverage (3L) and 3X short leverage are supported by LBank (3S). Margin is unnecessary for leveraged ETF products, and there is no threat of forced liquidation. The holding rate of leveraged ETF products is lower than that of leveraged spot trading funds.

The following independently calculated formulas are used to determine users’ trading fees on the Leveraged ETF Board (trading fees are subtracted from the assets received): The maker and taker both makeup 0.2%. At 0:00 Hong Kong time, a daily management fee of 0.1% is imposed. However, depending on the state of the market, it might be modified.

Futures Contracts

On the exchange, users can trade cryptocurrency futures like BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT, and FILUSDT. Perpetual contracts with up to 125x leverage are available from LBank; cross-margin and isolated margin are both options. Users can change their leverage, which ranges from 1x to 125x.

On LBank Futures, four different order types are available: limit orders, market orders, stop-limit orders, and stop-market orders. Similar to Position Mode, there are two different types of Position Mode: One-Way Mode and Hedge Mode.

Users are only permitted to hold positions in one direction under one contract while in one-way mode. Users can simultaneously hold long and short positions under the same contract in hedge mode.

Permanent contracts on LBank Futures are settled in USDT and have precise pricing guidelines. The following are the contract requirements:

Futures trading is a 24-hour activity with no restrictions on profits or losses. But LBank opposes futures trading in Iran, Syria, Cuba, Crimea, North Korea, Mainland China, and the United States.

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