KUB Token Listed On XT.COM’s Main Zone

KUB Token Listed On XT.COM's Main Zone

The Main and Web 3 Zones of XT.COM, the world’s first socially infused trading platform, are now home to KUB. Starting at 08:00 GMT on 2022-11-25, traders can trade in the KUB/USDT trading pair (UTC).

Users can deposit KUB for trading at 2022-11-23 08:00(UTC) (UTC). On November 26th, 2022, at 08:00, you’ll be able to start making withdrawals from your KUB account (UTC)

Brief History of KUB

There are a total of 110,000,000 KUB tokens available for circulation on the Ethereum blockchain, of which 85,000,000 are currently in circulation. Since Bitkub Chain, the underlying blockchain where KUB coins are created, is EVM-compatible, investors can now trade this digital asset using ERC-20 tokens.

Bitkub Chain validators must stake a total of 250,000 KUB coins. KUB holders can stake KUB coins on Bitkub Chain to earn native layer-1 rewards using Bitkub NEXT, the wallet specifically developed for the Bitkub chain. By taking part in the platform’s events, users can earn KUB coins, which can then be spent on the platform’s partners’ and merchants’ goods and services, expanding the reach of their cryptocurrency payment options.

Bitkub Chain: A Brief Introduction

Bangkok-based financial firm Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. created the open-source blockchain network Bitkub Chain. The company has set out to make it possible for anyone to own and control their digital assets or creations without putting their faith in a central authority. The largest digital asset company in Thailand, Bitkub Capital Group Holdings, aims to create the next revolutionary blockchain infrastructure with Bitkub Chain. The chain intends to provide an inexpensive, secure, and scalable solution for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and developers as the first blockchain are proposed to be used as primary infrastructure in Thailand.

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About XT.COM

As of March 2019, the XT.COM cryptocurrency exchange had over 6,000,000 registered users, over 1,000,000+ monthly active users, over 40,000,000 users in the ecosystem, and over 800 trading pairs. Our platform aims to serve its large user base by providing a safe, trusted, and easy way to trade in a wide range of markets.

In addition to being the first socially-infused digital assets trading platform, XT.COM also supports transactions based on social networking platforms, making our crypto services more widely available to users worldwide. As a company, we place a premium on our users’ safety and their data confidentiality.