Kryptomon Launches First Stage of its Living-NFT-Powered, Play-and-Earn Game

Kryptomon Launches First Stage of its Living-NFT-Powered, Play-and-Earn Game

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Play-to-earn blockchain game Kryptomon is launching the first stage of its gaming metaverse. The game in which Pokémon meets Tamagotchi and CryptoKitties, is the first project to create a living NFT on the blockchain. Players can breed, care for, and train Kryptomons, which are NFT creatures with unique characteristics and abilities.

Kryptomon had prior to the launch conducted two successful initial NFT egg sales on Binance NFT, the NFT marketplace for Binance exchange. A record 2,000 NFT eggs were sold out in under one second in November 2021, generating $180,000 in sales.

The second NFT eggs sale took place on 8 February 2022 with 2,500 NFT Eggs sold out in under 1 second. This set a record again as one of the fastest Binance NFT sales in history, raking in $237,500 in sales. 

“We are happy and proud to have such a strong community of token holders and NFT players that amazed us again in our last sale on Binance NFT that ended in just 0.16 seconds, even faster than the previous one that ended in 0.27 seconds, even though we have sold this time more NFTs in less-optimal market conditions. Our community is really one of the things that make Kryptomon such an amazing and fun project”, said Tomer Warschaier Nuni, CMO of Kryptomon.

Kryptomons are collectible virtual monsters represented as living NFTs. Each one has characteristics and features determined by a unique 38-random parameter digital genetic code. This is basically Tamagotchi and Pokémon designs modified to give the modern-day gamer a better experience in a new gaming metaverse they can be shareholders of.


The project does monthly treasure hunts in which players are sent out every full moon to on a real-world quest for loot boxes with consumables and NFT Kryptomon eggs. All they need is their wallets and smartphones to embark on this adventure. The monthly treasure hunt incorporates the first-of-its-kind blockchain “Walk to Earn” model for users to earn NFTs, $KMON tokens, in-game items, and new features in an immersive community. 

This is made possible through the integration of real-world gameplay and Metaverse capabilities. Kryptomon is also expanding its lore by releasing the first issue of its comic book series titled Eva’s Journey. Readers will find more information about the game’s back story from the monthly issues as well as learn useful tips about the gameplay.

In this first stage release, players are given daily loot boxes with valuable consumables, including food, bandages, and training cards for their Kryptomon. They are to use the consumables to feed and train their Kryptomons as they bond with them. The more Kryptomons they collect, the more daily allocation of loot boxes they get. 

How well players train and raise their Kryptomons will determine how they succeed at the release of the second stage which includes a full-fledged combat system where the Kryptomons will be used to fight. Neglected Kryptomons will be frozen and players will have to pay a fee to unfreeze and use them in this stage.

Players can start breeding their Kryptomons NFTs and sell the NFT eggs they generate as a result on Kryptomon official KMarket marketplace or any of the 7 marketplaces that have partnered with the project. Players can also start earning rewards in the form of $KMON tokens and NFTs as the “Play to Earn” (P2E) mechanics to the game will be released on the same date. 

Users will also be able to trade or purchase Kryptomon NFTs as well as stake $KMON tokens to participate in NFT lotteries and generation of “candies,” which are used as in-game currency to purchase loot-boxes and other items.

Kryptomon recently expanded its advisory board with new additions including Shinichi Okamoto, former CTO of PlayStation, and Raz Friedman, CPO of Giant Playtika. Friedman has been working closely with the project and helped in mentorship as well as participate in the early seed investment before joining the advisory board. He is bringing over a decade of experience at Playtika and is expected to play a key role in bringing the project’s market cap to $7 billion dollars.