Kizumi Bringing Like-Minded People Together Under One Community In The Metaverse

Kizumi Bringing Like-Minded People Together Under One Community In The Metaverse

Kizumi, a Web3 brand based on the metaverse, is providing a safe environment where people can come together to discuss and create a community based on similar interests.

The Kizumi brand seeks to unite people with the same grit, perseverance and passion, allowing them to work towards becoming their best selves. As a brand, Kizumi aims to provide a welcoming environment for people to share intellectual resources while also simply creating a place to connect with others in the industry. 

Kisumi was formed after a group of friends started to think of ways to grow their group dynamic to bring people who shared their values and interest in finance, sports, video games, crypto, anime and so on. With this in mind, the group decided to create a place in the metaverse where people could freely connect. 

Kisumi is a true metaverse community that gathers on Discord. The platform allows the community to create and share content from photos, text and videos without restrictions. Kizumi’s mission is to build a globally recognizable brand that transcends the metaverse and impacts the physical world. As a project, Kizumi is building a brand that brings like-minded people around the world with the same interests and experiences. 

Notably, Kisumi believes a solid community is key to shaping the metaverse. For this reason, the brand has envisioned a benevolent, supportive and genuine community. The team is building Kisumi based on trust, collaboration and respect. 


Blurring the lines between the meta and the physical world, Kizumi allows members to hang out with their meta friends to build new realities. The community assembles a forum dubbed as The Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is a token-gated community where members can access exclusive information, events and early updates of upcoming plans. In addition, to meeting other people, The Clubhouse allows members to interact with the core members and founders. 

To access The Clubhouse and all its perks, members need to hold a Kizumi Avatar NFT, which is only available to members. Kizumi is reportedly set to drop its first NFT collection in 2023. The collection will have 10,000 pieces of a Solana-based profile photo NFT artwork. Currently, a community member can get a chance to whitelist for the NFTs after completing activities within the community. 

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