Killer Dapp: SOMESING, to be listed on DCoin Exchange

Killer Dapp

Blockchain-based Karaoke DApp, SOMESING, announced its listing on the DCoin Exchange, along with the signing of an MOU on strategic cooperation for global expansion on the 28th of November. SOMESING will be listed on the Dcoin on the 5th of December.

The Dcoin Exchange, established in Switzerland, is a global exchange with a trading volume of the top 20 in the world. Dcoin has promoted a number of promising Korean projects to the global market and has drawn attention for its membership-friendly community operations.

SOMESING is the world’s first blockchain-based karaoke service that aims to grow as a “social music network” where anyone who loves songs can enjoy free of charge. The songs are sung by users to become new content on the platform, and the more popular the song becomes, the more profitable users are. To this end, the company has resolved copyright issues in advance before incorporating blockchain into its business model.

In addition, SOMESING has received a great array of attention in that SOMESING may be the “Killer Dapp” with great early results of daily 20,000 transactions and 6,000 daily active users on the first day of Official Launch on 19th of November. 

Through partnerships with various broadcasting stations and entertainment labels, we will diversify the music market by providing users with opportunities to advance their participation in the music industry,” said Kim Heui-Bae, CEO of SOMESING. Kim received the “Culture Contents Industry Award” at the 27th Korea Cultural Entertainment Awards on November 29th, expressing his thoughts that SOMESING will lead to changes in the digital ecosystem of mobile content and music sources.


Meanwhile, Seo Jae-Won, CEO of Dcoin Korea, expressed his thoughts on the partnership that “SOMESING is a future-oriented application that connects the existing services and utility of blockchain technology. We expect the credibility of the global exchange along with SOMESING to be enhanced by supporting the company to enter the global market. He also mentioned urging the government to keep an eye out to actively support projects that are immediately available for service in line with the era of the upcoming fourth industrial revolution.