Key benefits of using an email list validator

Key benefits of using an email list validator

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Are you using an email list validator to maintain the hygiene of your email list? If you aren’t, you are missing countless possibilities to reach your potential buyers. Email validation is an important part of email marketing and helps email marketers accomplish their goals more easily.

Email marketing shouldn’t be used to blindly send emails to lots of email addresses. You have to make sure the leads you’ve collected are valid and active, and not spam traps or bot-created accounts.

When you send out an email blast, having a clean email list will make a significant impact on your deliverability – that is, on how many of your prospects you reach. In the following section, you will come to know how an email list validator will help you turn your email campaign into a success.

Are you thinking email validation is a one trick pony? Think again.


Get rid of invalid email addresses

If you notice you have a high bounce rate – higher than 5% – then you know it’s time to use an email list validator. This piece of software will eliminate invalid, misspelled and inactive email addresses from your list.

Isolate potentially dangerous emails

Select the best email verification provider, ZeroBounce, to remove potentially dangerous email addresses from your database. First of all, abuse emails – these are recipients that will most likely mark you as Spam, thus affecting your sender reputation. Then, ZeroBounce also removes many spam traps, disposable and toxic domains.

Attract new clients

If you used an email list validator, no doubt you have a better chance to attract new buyers of your products and services. When you send emails to people who want to receive them, there’s a higher probability that they will click on them and make a purchase.
The success of your email campaign is one email validation away. Your deliverability will get better and better if you use an email list validator periodically.


Zerobounce is the perfect tool to make your email marketing campaign successful. It was developed by email experts with decades of experience to respond to email marketers’ growing need of email hygiene. The platform also offers 100 free credits when you register, and they have recently released an artificial intelligence email scoring system called ZeroBounce A.I.

Disclosure: This Is A Sponsored Article

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