Jur Introduces Startup Society Founders’ Awards to Recognize Web3 Pioneers and Foster Ecosystem Development

Jur Introduces Startup Society Founders' Awards to Recognize Web3 Pioneers and Foster Ecosystem Development

Upcoming Polkadot parachain, Jur is seeking to revolutionize the Web3 ecosystem as it unveils the launch of its Startup Society Founders’ Awards program. Jur is currently in progress with the development of the DAO 2.0 stack.

The platform seeks to launch the 1-click Country ecosystem, utilizing its DAO 2.0 stack to develop the future of governance. This will provide Web3 communities with opportunities for interoperability, growth, experimentation, and evolution into network states.

Following its mission, Jur announced in an official press release that it is calling on founders to present their Startup Society concepts to prominent figures in the Web3 community, such as Tim Draper (Draper Associates), Ed Hesse (Energy Web), and Trent McConaghy (Ocean Protocol). Moreso, it noted that the winning pitch would receive a portion of the USD 10,000 grand prize and the chance to launch their Startup Society through a specially designed grant program.

Speaking on the new development, Jur founder Alessandro Palombo said,

“Jur believes that Web3 requires simpler structures to enable community building and governance. That’s why we are developing an ecosystem to support Startup Societies, designed to be Web3-native communities based on shared values and simple, consensus-based decision-making. In addition, with the Startup Society Founders Awards launch, we want to encourage further innovation and experimentation in this space.”


Moreso, Jur urges enthusiasts to become a part of the next generation of Web3 Startups Society founders by submitting their proposals on or before the 31st of March, 2023. It has disclosed plans to rely on the assistance of community volunteers and a team of seasoned advisors, including Zane Austen from Balaji’s team at The Network State and QJ, the Executive Director of the ETH Community Fund. This will serve as a measure to help ensure decentralization and transparency in the selection process.

They will join hands to evaluate proposals and narrow down the top 10, which the Jur team and advisors will refine. Judges Tim Draper, Ed Hesse, and Trent McConaghy will make the final selection, who will choose the five winners to present their ideas during Demo Day.