DPAT: Building African Crypto Hubs

DPAT: Building African Crypto Hubs

Creative and ambitious entrepreneurs are determining Africa’s future by grabbing blockchain and cryptocurrency opportunities. The new crypto project DPAT, is at the forefront of this digital transformation, providing a platform to support the development of African crypto hubs that will help upcoming generations of African thought leaders to build sustainable and thriving economies. 

Direct Property Africa Token (DPAT) is building a web3 ecosystem that allows anyone to participate in the inevitable growth of the continent by making it simple to invest in African infrastructure projects. But how does DPAT work, and what are its upsides?

What is DPA Token (DPAT)?

A protocol called DPA Token makes it easier to invest in infrastructure and real estate developments in major African cities like Accra, Ghana, and Cape Town, South Africa. The protocol allows for the global assignment of ownership and governance to users, giving the community control over what is built, by whom, for whom, and where.

The token offers a secure platform for exchanges between international investors looking to put money into Africa’s 54 expanding economies and project developers in need of funding. Additionally, it enables traders of offshore assets to take advantage of potential tax or other cost savings.

Holders of native DPAT tokens can anticipate significant benefits and incentives, such as bonuses, reduced transaction fees, governance membership, VIP safaris in Africa, and city getaways.


How Does DPAT Work?

Real estate and infrastructure projects from all over the continent that need alternative funding and capital will be listed on the DPAT marketplace. Anyone from anywhere in the world can invest in these African projects safely and transparently starting at $5 using distributed ledger technology and asset-backed tokens.

The platform will offer investment opportunities in infrastructure, residential, and commercial construction projects, with examples ranging from developing new communities with secure family homes to initiatives building solar-powered microgrids for electricity to initiatives developing cutting-edge Internet service infrastructure and everything in between.

The market will provide infrastructure builders and developers with transparent and affordable alternative financing options to pursue ground-breaking projects that address pressing problems. In order to establish crypto hubs in each African city they build, the team will also concentrate on using sustainable building techniques and applying standardized construction procedures. The team will boost the local economies of their workplaces and shorten the time needed to finish each project by using a standardized process.

The DPAT brand and token price will be strengthened through collaboration with major global partners, critical infrastructure builders and local developers like Jacob West, the partner on the recently launched first fully cryptocurrency funded development project The Khari in Accra, Ghana. The DPAT smart contract audit was successfully completed by SolidProof, and the group also finished their KYC process with Coinsult. 


Most of Africa lacks the infrastructure —roads, trains, ports, airports, electricity grids, and IT backbone—necessary to keep pace with growing populations and boost the continent’s economies. The expansion of regional commerce and imports and exports is hampered by the absence of infrastructure. Businesses that can connect Africans and markets will thrive.

This is the goal of DPAT, and the next five years are also expected to bring 200 million new citizens into African cities – creating a real estate surge of unprecedented magnitude throughout the continent. As the platform continues to expand into new markets and integrate more services, it is set to become an essential tool for any investor looking to take advantage of African investment opportunities.

Anybody hoping to capitalize on Africa’s undeniable economic potential might be wise to take a closer look at DPA Token.

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