Jarvis – unifying Blockchain applications and bridging them with traditional finance.

Jarvis - unifying Blockchain applications and bridging them with traditional finance.

Unifying the value of decentralization to bring it to the mass

The value of Blockchain is divided among multiple applications and protocols. Once combined, they form the building blocks of an entire ecosystem, designed to empower users – the so-called web 3.0 – the Internet of Finance.

Jarvis is a decentralized financial hub which allows everyone to leverage from this new Web. It bridges and connects to multiple traditional and digital, centralized and decentralized financial services, products and markets, existing and upcoming, to make them accessible from a single interface. From one account users will be able to trade Forex, pay with their digital assets, access lending or gaming etc.

From a mobile, web or desktop application, users will be able to manage all their finances, by accessing the value proposition of many apps and dapps integrated into Jarvis.



Jarvis wants to be the spider web of multiple value propositions to empower users and projects.

One recent example is the last unveiled partnership with Celsius Network. The value proposition of Celsius is to unlock users assets underlying value by borrowing money against them or lending them. As a standalone product, Celsius Network is great. But integrated within Jarvis it reaches another level: in a single interface, users will be able to deposit their assets and earn interests on them, like in any saving account, and to be just a click away from an integrated payment gateway or to open a trade on any financial market.

Jarvis has already revealed other synergic partnerships with Blackmoon, Bancor, Daneel and is always looking for new ones.

Introducing the Jarvis Reward Token

On the 1st of March, Jarvis is launching its one-month lasting public sale after successfully closing a $1.3M private sale. Jarvis Reward Token will allow receiving a part of the ecosystem’s revenue. The ICO presents an incentivizing bonus structure for ICO participants: people buying the JRT during the ICO will share 25% of the revenue while buying it after listing on exchanges will give the right to receive 10%.

Jarvis shares the value generated by its decentralized ecosystem, with everyone who contributes to its growth. It does it through the JRT.

As its name stands for, it is distributed to reward users, influencers, developers and partners for the value they are creating, and to incentivize them to keep doing it. As each JRT allows to receive a share of the ecosystem’s revenue, it creates a virtuous circle: by creating value, people get rewarded with tokens, which brings them revenue. They are incentivized to earn more tokens, creating an endless circle where everyone tries to get more tokens, and therefore create more value.

There is no precise definition of “bringing value”, and while sometimes it can be very quantifiable (number of new users brought, revenue generated) it can also be more abstract (helping users, white-hacking, sharing articles etc.).

Two entities will be responsible for distributing JRT. Over the next 5 years, at least 90M JRT will be distributed, at a pace of 1.5M per month. These 90M tokens will be held in two pools, one managed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and one by the Jarvis Strategic Fund (JSF).

Join us and be part of the future of finance!

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Telegram : https://t.me/jarvisexchange
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Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/jarvis-edge/
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