IQ Option Download for Desktop

IQ Option Download for Desktop

Online trading platforms continue to make it easy for both investors and traders to navigate the finance market. Many people from all over the world have an opportunity to carry out their business any time of day and night in a smooth and seamless way.

As such, recent times have witnessed great growth and expansion in different areas of financial trading. From the stock exchange, forex, to cryptocurrency trading, there are simply no signs that this trend will stop.

Instead, the high demand is the reason for the creation of such high performing and fasting growing entities like IQ Options.

What is IQ Options?

It is a unique, vibrant and interactive CFD-aligned 24/7 trading platform. It was created way back in 2013 and has grown both in popularity and quality to become one of the most sought after trading platforms of modern times.

As a licensed trading platform, it currently boasts of over 25 million customers; and the number keeps increasing each day. IQ Options basically deals in a wide range of products. These include crypto trading, stock trading, Forex, and ETF trading. It has also begun the absolutely new trading product known as Digital options.

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How do IQ Options for Desktop work?

This trading platform is accessible on several apps; with the desktop computer being among the most popular. The reason, other than faster accessibility is the fact that desktop apps can run in an absolute independent version, away from the main trading site. As such, traders can quickly execute their trade, which is a key ingredient of any successful trading.

Getting started

It is an easy and quick process to get started with this software.

– Simply go to their website and create an account by signing up. Signing up requires your email address.

– In a matter of seconds, your IQ Options client begins to download with no need for prompt.

– You can then save the file onto your desktop computer.

– You need to click on the installation icon, to allow for the installation of the software to take place.

– Once the installation process is complete, you can quickly launch the app by double-clicking on the IQ Option icon.

– The try to logging into your account afresh and begin to trade in your favorite currency right away.

There are many products that you can trade in on this platform. Once you have logged into your account you may slowly explore and discover which of the products you can trade in; without putting any of your hard-earned money at risk. The best thing is that the platform comes with a 24 /7 customer support team. They are always ready to guide you and answer any questions that you could be having.

What are the System Requirements for this Platform?

Specifications for a desktop computer are as follows:

  • The operating system should come in the form of Windows 7 and upwards.
  • It works well with a 2 GB and above RAM. The most recommended amount of RAM is usually 4 GB.
  • It also works well with  a hard disk space of about 130 MB

What Type Of Products Can Trade On IQ Options Desktop Download?

Q Options features the following products:

– Stock Trading: Members can easily use this platform to purchase and trade in shares from the world’s most reputable companies.

– Forex Trading: You choose to trade in the world’s strongest currencies such as the USD, Pound, Euro, among many others using this platform.

– ETF Trading: This feature is relatively new, but it allows you to trade in the same way as the stock works on the stock exchange. You can use ETFs to track assets, commodities, and indices. Investors can purchase on margin and sell short. As a trader, you can purchase as little as a single share, and still make headway in your venture.

– Cryptocurrency Trading: You also have the option of trading in the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and a wide range of others. Actually, there are over  25 different kinds of cryptocurrencies and is up to you to explore and discover which one works for you.

– Digital options: This product allows you to trade and speculate on the world market’s currencies, indices and even stocks. It’s a perfect feature to use, especially if you are a newbie, and just starting out.

What are the advantages of using IQ Option Download for Desktop?

There are numerous benefits that come with using IQ option download for desktop. Some of them are as follows:

  • The app is  easily accessible via desktop apps
  • Since the apps run quite independent from the main site on the desktop which allows for faster execution when it comes to any kind of trading.
  • Desktops apps remain safe and secure. But what is even more encouraging is that they come with a wide range of supportive tools and features.

For instance, you can access such tools as volatility alerts and market updates. You can also enrich yourself with the unique stock screeners. Traders can access calendars, and newsletters to keep them always informed on the goings on in the world of trade and financial markets.

  • The desktop app basically comes with great features as those found on web browsers, making the trading experience quite worthwhile.
  • Downloading and eventual installation process is quite simple; you can start trading away in a matter of minutes.
  • The app also comes with impeccable customer support. You can get 24 /7 access to the customer care team


The desktop apps are the best way to enjoy multiple features that come with the IQ Options trading platform. Apart from the fact that you can easily access the site, these apps come with distinct features that make your trading completely safe and secure.

All features and supportive tools that are on web browsers can also be accessed via desktop apps. The apps also come with a customizable interface, to meet all your needs.

The best thing about the desktop app is that the download and install process is quite easy. Even if you are a greenhorn, you quickly follow the prompts. In just a matter of minutes, you can explore the platform, and select the best trading product that comes with minimal risks.