Introducing Margex – The Ultimate User-friendly Place to Trade Bitcoin with up to 100x Leverage

Introducing Margex - The Ultimate User-friendly Place to Trade Bitcoin with up to 100x Leverage

As Bitcoin continues to break new price levels, it provides big trading opportunities for crypto traders both new and old. While there are many places where you can trade BTC, not many of them are easy to use and allow up to 100x leverage. This is where Margex comes in.

Easy trading for everyone

Margex’s trading platform is a unique platform that combines ease of use with maximized profitability. This is made possible through the incredibly simple user interface that even absolute beginners can use to trade profitably. Margex also increases profitability by allowing users up to 100x leverage for their trades.

The trading interface or terminal is also very attractive and simple with all the important details required to efficiently manage your trades. The terminal is divided into three modules, namely:

  • Chart and order placement module
  • Order and Deals management module
  • Order Book and Last Trades

In the terminal, traders can easily monitor the market, place, and manage orders, control their open deals and view details of their order/deals history. You can start trading on the platform with as little as $10.

Secure trading with minimized risk


Margex ensures maximum security for its users. This is achieved by storing all the users’ funds in a safe offline wallet. The platform is also designed to scale seamlessly to prevent any hitches in case of high network activities such as has been witnessed recently with the ongoing bull market.

A key aspect of leverage trading is risk management. Margex doesn’t only give you leverage but also tries to ensure that your risks are kept at a minimum. This is done using the platform’s isolated margin trading which many customers prefer. This minimizes the risks associated with leverage trading. There is no hidden information but every step of the trading process is laid bare before the traders to see.

Earn 40% commission for referring users

Margex wants you to share in its success. To this end, the platform offers you a 40% commission to customers who refer new users to trade. Payments are made daily in Bitcoin when referrals pay trading commissions. 

Key features of Margex

Up to 100x leverage: One of the highest leverage available on the market.

Low deposits: You can start trading with as little as $10.

Highly rewarding affiliate program: Margex offers its users 40% commission on their referrals’ trading commissions. This is one of the most generous affiliate programs in the space.

User-friendly interface: Margex was designed with user experience as the priority. The interface is so easy even a first time user can effectively navigate it.

Competitive fees: Enjoy competitive market maker and taker fees and trading commissions on all your trades and transactions.

Should you try it?

Margex has security, ease of use, and maximum profitability for users at the core of its design. With these, users can be confident that their interests are protected. This makes it an ideal trading platform to try out and explore.