Introducing FHUD, FantOHM’s Revolutionary Stablecoin

Introducing FHUD, FantOHM's Revolutionary Stablecoin

With its most recent release, FHUD 1.5, FantOHM is showing itself as the premier DAO asset on Fantom Opera.

FHUD will soon extend to cover all networks where the FHM protocol is used (or will be used), and now is a great time to get in on the ground floor. FHUD facilitates FantOHM DAO’s vision in ways that will generate value at all levels of investment through effective treasury management.

FHUD’s first public offerings contain two bonds that will be used to govern the peg of FHUD by the injection or pass-through of liquidity using DAI or FHM, two completely decentralized assets. Because these bonds are intended to actively maintain FHUD’s peg to $1 USD, they will only be issued if the following requirements are met: FHUD must first depeg to the upside or downside. Following the logical process, precautions have been made to ensure that our ecosystem remains stable when these new investment opportunities become available.

When FHUD depreciates to the downside and falls below $1, a bond will be launched that allows FHUD holders to bond for FHM at a discounted cost. These bonds will have a limited cash value because only a specific amount will be available on a rolling 24-hour basis. The investor improves the FantOHM DAO treasury by locking more value into FHUD in exchange for a stronger governance position in the future by promoting FHM inflation through FHUD bonding.

This has monetary worth because of the returns provided by FHM investments, but it also increases the ability of the benefiting investor to voice their opinions on future governance measures.


When FHUD appreciates the upside, climbing above $1 in value, a bond will be issued that allows investors to buy FHUD at a $1 per FHUD price right away. The DAI is sent to the DAO’s treasury, and the investor receives FHUD. The FHUD purchased on Beethoven-x can be exchanged for other stables or assets at the investor’s discretion.

These changes have been in accord with our ecosystem’s unique nature. On your way to Beethoven-X to get your first bag, check out the Techrate and Spadetech links in our docs for access to our FHUD audits!