Introducing CKarma: A Crypto-Inclined NFT Card Game That Blends Play-And-Earn With Spot Trading

Introducing CKarma: A Crypto-Inclined NFT Card Game That Blends Play-And-Earn With Spot Trading

CKarma is a recently launched NFT-based play-and-earn game that enables players to collect NFTs, utilize them in battle, and even trade them for money.

To participate, players first need to purchase an NFT card on CKarma’s virtual platform. Each NFT presents a mutant animal, which the gamer uses to battle in the land of Zaios.  Each NFT also represents a certain cryptocurrency, thereby giving the gamer a chance to sharpen their spot trading skills.

Importantly, players require just one actionable card to take part in each battle. Using the special effects available to each card, a player can amass ‘attack points’ which are then used to launch a fight on the battlefield. Only one winner emerges at the end of each battle.

Other features of the NFT cards are the category reference index, personal reference index, and anti-vega on volatility, among others. 

In addition to trading, players who wish to acquire more NFTs can do so by purchasing a mystery pack. The pack could contain either one NFT card or a pack of five cards at a discounted price. Players can increase their chances of getting a more powerful NFT card by purchasing a unique potion.


CKarma’s main goal is for players to have fun and entertainment, with earning being a secondary result, rather than the main objective. This characteristic sets it apart from other games in the crypto industry that are play-to-earn (P2E).

Of note, CKarma has five main parts for its player rewarding system. In the first, the game airdrops 50% of OpenSea royalties to its NFT holders. Secondly, there are prizes in store for winners of every player versus player (PVP) battle won. Thirdly, NFT holders who stake their collectibles receive $cKarma tokens. Next is that players unable to mint NFTs will engage in a random draw for a chance to acquire $cKarma tokens to participate in the game. Last but not least, the game’s NFT holders will be eligible for a certain amount of $cKarma tokens delivered daily and according to crypto spot market momentum.

$cKarma is the native token of the CKarma gaming ecosystem, through which players can earn. The token is also used to cover transaction fees, purchase NFT cards, provide liquidity, and reward the CKarma community.

To make the token deflationary and increase its value, the game utilizes a buyback and burn system. Additionally, with regard to the game’s transaction fees, 25% is burned immediately while 15% is directed to kiosk owners. 60% of the transaction fees are allocated to the Emergency Yield Pool for burning in the event of excessively high selling pressure. This is a USD reserve value ready-to-use to stabilize the token’s price by buying $cKarma in the open market for burning when selling pressure is high.

On a date to be announced at a later time, CKarma will initiate the first phase of its Divinity Mutants NFT minting, during which it will mint 15,000 cards each at 0.20 ETH. To secure these NFTs, interested parties are encouraged to enlist on the pre-sales whitelist available on Discord. 90%, (13,500) of the minted NFT cards will be sold during the pre-sale, while the remaining 15% (1,500) will be sold at a public sale.

Each of these NFTs will be rare since each will have a unique appearance, and special skills and attributes. More importantly, Divinity Mutant NFTs will have exceptional abilities, granting their holders more advantages in battle. Further information pertaining to the game is available on its Discord.