Introducing Bitcoin And Blockchain [INFOGRAPHIC]

Introducing Bitcoin And Blockchain

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have recently gained huge popularity. Wherever you turn, you will find news or blog posts discussing the volatility of the crypto market, it’s current crash, people who made millions off Bitcoin last year, etc. If you try to google and find more information to get yourself acquainted with the subject, you will get countless results with even more confusing concepts, such as “hard fork,” “mining,” “secure wallets,” and so on.

Don’t worry; it’s not your fault. The technology has evolved over the last few years to such an extent, that it has become challenging even for the experts to keep pace with all the latest developments in this industry.

Luckily, Bitcoinplay came to the rescue with their infographic you’ll find below. It covers the essential aspects of Bitcoin and its underlying technology called blockchain. Among other things, you will learn what is Bitcoin all about, when was it launched, how you can get it, what you can buy for it, and similar.

It will also explain to you in an easy to digest form how the blockchain technology works. When you learn its basic principles, you will be able to understand how other cryptocurrencies work, and then can start trading them.

Why should you even bother with all this, you might ask. Well, considering the recent monstrous decline of the crypto market as a whole, it is of utmost importance to make an informed decision whether or not to buy cryptos at this moment.


On the one hand, the crypto market might collapse even further, which is why some people advise newbies to stay away from cryptocurrencies at this moment. On the other hand, others will tell you to take the opportunity now and accumulate as many cryptocurrencies as possible while the “crypto Black Friday” still lasts.

To get more information and make a decision for yourself, feel free to check out the infographic below.