Inflation Is About To Hit The Roof And Bitcoin Is The Only Long-Term Hedge, Says BTC Whale Tyler Winklevoss

Inflation Is About To Hit The Roof And Bitcoin Is The Only Long-Term Hedge, Says BTC Whale Tyler Winklevoss

The world economy is in shambles. Governments, especially the US government, are printing billions in fiat money every other month. With this going on, fiat currency is going to lose a significant fraction of its value in the near future. That’s why people need a better way to keep their money safe from inflation, and that’s where input from people like Tyler Winklevoss comes in.

Tyler is one of the already popular Winklevoss twins that have been in the crypto industry for almost a decade. Tyler and his brother, Cameron Winklevoss, were indeed among the first adopters of Bitcoin. They now hold billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin. In a recent twitter post, Tyler let out a huge secret to anyone willing to listen: Inflation is coming, get on board with Bitcoin.

BTC And Gold?

While BTC looks promising in terms of future price movement as well as adoption and ease of its usability, a section of investors still believe that Gold could also be a viable safe haven – especially considering that Gold has seen some price upswings over the last few weeks. In this case, a fair number of investors feel that both Bitcoin and Gold qualify in this role.

However, according to many in the crypto industry, there’s no denying that Bitcoin will eventually overtake Gold as the widely accepted store of value and a global reserve currency. The key to this notion is the fact that Gold has been used for a long time with not much innovation in its usage. On the other hand, Bitcoin is only a decade old with myriad technological innovations linked to it.

“The Bitcoin Potential”

Besides the capacity of the top coin as a safe haven, the fact that most people, including whales and many investors, believe that the crypto is headed for a major bull run is enough incentive to convince people to get into the BTC market.


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