Industry Leaders Collaborate on Blockchain Educational Workshop Series for IT Students in Vietnam

Industry Leaders Collaborate on Blockchain Educational Workshop Series for IT Students in Vietnam

In a bid to integrate blockchain in Vietnam, leading technology giant Metaverse DNA is collaborating with major stakeholders in the industry to deliver TEK2Students initiative, a workshop series that tends to introduce the nitty-gritty of blockchain technology to willing IT students in Vietnam.

The eye-opening event will take place at the INTEK Institute of Applied Technology, located at Ho Chi Min city, and will continue until September 30, 2020, and with workshops holding on the first week of every month.

Introducing Blockchain to the Next Generation

Metaverse DNA will deliver a number of these workshops, giving the students and other interested applicants the rare privilege of learning firsthand the rudiment of the Metaverse ecosystem and the Dualchain Network Architecture.

Vietnam’s bid to compete favorably with its Asian neighbors in blockchain and other aspect of technology is already receiving a major boost with this bold step by Metaverse.

Metaverse DNA prides itself as one of the biggest next-generation digital finance ecosystems in Asia that brings new and important features needed by organizations and individuals together in one single place.


These features include on-chain identity, decentralized data bridges, integrated lightning channels and a standard for true interoperability. DNA ensures high transactions –per second while making sure that governance is highly decentralized.

A Vital Experience  

The decision by Metaverse DNA to look inwards towards the direction of next-generation IT students is to give them a firsthand experience in blockchain technology, while also walking them through rigorous processes like node set-up, using block explorers and understanding different token standards, while also introducing the attendees to the wide range of features and capabilities in the Metaverse DNA Ecosystem.

And with the effective collaboration with firms like TomoChain and Tezos, the workshop promises to be a turning point in the life of Vietnam’s next-generation IT experts. While Tezos is a public blockchain that supports smart contracts in its native Michelson coding language, TomoChain is an Ethereum Virtual machine (EVM)-compatible blockchain with a proof-of-stake voting consensus algorithm incorporating 150 Masternodes.

The TEK2Students workshop series will be absolutely free to willing students and interested local community members to attend, and will also include various scholarship opportunities for exceptional students, with funds fully paid by the partners.

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