In The Next 10 Years, What Will Be Bitcoin’s Lowest Trading Price?

Bitcoin (BTC) Rallies Above $4,000, Is Above $4,200 Next Or Right Back Below $4,000 We Go Again?

The crypto space is getting busy again, and people everywhere are dishing out predictions for the future. Expectedly, most of these predictions are focused on Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the crypto market leader, and as such, it has the ability to trigger price changes across the market – as it recently did. That could be the reason why even popular and influential people are so about it.

In a recent twitter post, CNBC’s Crypto Trader host Ran NeuNer shot out a seemingly simple question to his Twitter followers. He wanted to know just how low the top crypto will trade in 10 years. The answers were as interesting as the question itself.

BTC Has Touched The Bottom

According to one commenter, Bitcoin has already reached its bottom and therefore can’t go below the $3k level. In other words, Bitcoin’s current trend only indicates upward movement over time. In that case, the lowest level that Bitcoin can reach in the future must be higher than the current bottom.

$100k In 5-10?

Another Twitter user came up with an opinion stating that although Ran’s question focused on exactly 10 years, a 5-10 year window would be more accommodating. According to this user, BTC has the potential to hit very high figures in the next few years, with $100k being the low point in 5-10 years to come.

Block Halvening To Play A Huge Role

According to a notable response by another commenter, Bitcoin’s block halvening will play a big role in determining the crypto’s market value in the coming years.

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As is always the case, block halvenings affect a price hike in Bitcoin because miners’ rewards have to match up to the crypto’s market value for mining to remain profitable. The commenter also referred to Satoshi Nakamoto’s statement predicting Bitcoin’s stand in 20 years.