Iftar Party Featuring Crypto: LBank Holds Its First Iftar Event in Pakistan

Iftar Party Featuring Crypto: LBank Holds Its First Iftar Event in Pakistan

Global cryptocurrency trading platform, LBank has held an exclusive Iftar event in Islamabad, Pakistan on April 22, 2022, according to a recent announcement from the company.

The event marks the first LBank Crypto Iftar and was tagged with the theme “Iftar Party Featuring Crypto”. LBank’s Iftar event had earned a significant interest from the public as the likes of blockchain enthusiasts, students, crypto traders and lots more were all in attendance.

According to the announcement, the Iftar event was divided into three parts which include networking, Iftar, and presentation. The speakers and attendees of the event were warmly welcomed during the networking part. This saw them exchanging their feelings and expressing opinions on the future of digital currency and how LBank is establishing its name globally. 

LBank is recognized as the world’s leading digital asset exchange platform with the largest global footprint. According to the speakers at the event, the company is developing an ecosystem that will guarantee financial freedom to all. They were also thankful to have been called upon to participate in the exclusive Iftar event with LBank.

The event brought together prominent members of the Pakistani leading crypto leaders, finance, and technology community to network with investors, entrepreneurs, and other industry experts following a well educative and informative crypto party session. Hence, it aligns with the company’s aim to build a Pakistani community that is well informed about what is happening in the crypto space.

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The attendees were offered gifts and goodies at the end of the ceremony. The company also rewarded 15 lucky winners with wristwatches.

Allen Wei, the CEO of LBank exchange concluded the ceremony while expressing his gratitude to the attendees for their support, saying;

“We appreciate your supporting us and being a part of our journey in our vision to educate and accelerate the wide adoption of cryptocurrency.”