How Dogeliens is sailing past Avalanche and Flow

How Dogeliens is sailing past Avalanche and Flow

Cryptos are one of the biggest game changers in the global fiscal services sector by challenging the stronghold of institutions like banks and brokerage firms over the investment process.

By eliminating the interference of such third-party institutions, cryptocurrencies put adherents in the driver’s seat by ensuring they have more control over the process. For amateur proponents looking to master cryptocurrency, an ideal strategy to begin with is through research. Crypto enthusiasts should dig up information about names like Dogeliens (DOGET), Avalanche (AVAX), and Flow (FLOW), evaluate them and then make a decision. To help you get started, here’s a look at some of the key features of the three cryptocurrencies.

Dogeliens: A dog-themed meme coin with unmatched potential

Dogeliens is a meme coin inspired by the dog aliens inhabiting the Puptopia planet. Its native token is DOGET and can be used for all kinds of transactional uses on the network, including staking, earning rewards, and trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs), among others. Interested buyers will be able to purchase the DOGET token on presale.

To boost user participation on its platform, Dogeliens has launched two initiatives — the University of Barkington and the Dogliens Academy. At the University of Barkington, users can access informative content and resources to expand their knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Dogeliens Academy would offer virtual classrooms where users can learn about not just cryptocurrencies but also varied subjects like mathematics, reading, and geography, to name a few.

The platform will set aside 3% of proceeds from all transactions for its charitable activities. The amount will be credited to the platform’s charity wallet. At the end of every month, all community members will vote to select a charity which will receive the amount raised by Dogeliens.


Avalanche is now integrated with CoinLedger

Avalanche is a smart contracts platform for developers looking to build high-speed and scalable dApps. Its native token AVAX can be used for all transactional uses like staking, token swapping, and payment of fees on the network. The Avalanche Foundation also invites developers to build with the platform’s scaling solution, Subnets, with an incentive-based programme. The programme aims to boost the adoption subnets.

Recently, cryptocurrency tax software CoinLedger announced its integration with the Avalanche network. The move would enable AVAX Token holders using CoinLedger to take advantage of the automatic tax reporting feature. All that users would have to do is add their public address and permit CoinLedger to import their transactions.

Increment Liquid Staking Protocol now lives on Flow mainnet

Built by the team behind CryptoKitties, Flow is a blockchain-based platform that equips developers with the right tools to create powerful and agile dApps. It uses the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm and is a carbon-neutral platform. Its native token, FLOW comes in handy while dealing with transactional uses like staking, trading, and earning rewards. A key USP of Flow is that it uses a multi-node code architecture that can dramatically boost speed and throughput while reducing environmental impact. All these changes occur without any sharding. In a recent development, Flow announced that the Increment Liquid Staking Protocol was live on its mainnet. The integration would enable users to earn Flow staking rewards without locking their tokens.

Given the niche features of the three cryptocurrencies and if cryptocurrency analysts are to be considered, Dogeliens scores brownie points regarding growth potential in the long term.

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