How Crypto Startup Moon Rabbit Explores Immortality?

How Crypto Startup Moon Rabbit Explores Immortality

As humans, we desire to explore immortality and attain longevity. It doesn’t matter if it will be discovered through science or applied philosophy, human wants to attain longevity and immortality. Even though we do not admit it, who doesn’t want to bend time and live forever? Crypto is described as the biggest bubble in man’s history by maximalists. However, crypto does not only focus on the economic sector but other areas as well. Crypto can create game-theoretic incentive solutions to bring researchers and startups fighting aging and factors that cause aging. This is a radically innovative application of crypto.

How Crypto Contributes to Humans?

The Ritossa family office summit on its 14th anniversary focused on the theme; “investing for a better future.” They focused on the delivering benefits of blockchain and the importance of crypto to real estate. Also, Fintech, Digital Assets, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, & Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) were discussed in another panel session where Angel Versetti, the founder of Moon Rabbit served as a keynote speaker and Roundtable Lead.

Even though immortality has not been achieved yet, there is no doubt that digital infrastructures have helped humans solve their complex needs. One of the benefits of crypto is that it encourages trustless collaborations for the common good with financial incentive models for participants. For example, all partner companies of Moon Rabbit in longevity will be required to use Moon Rabbit’s AAA cryptocurrency as the mode of payment for life extension services.

Through the crypto distributive networks, humans can ensure continuity. Humans are concerned with passing on their traditions and cultures through generations. Different cultures have survived for many years through oral traditions but they are constrained and are subjected to challenges. However, this can be avoided if we adopt crypto and blockchain technology as a means of storing data.

But How Can Cryptographic Distributed Systems Help Humans Attain Immortality?

The mission of Moon Rabbit, a vertically integrated crypto-meritocratic tech conglomerate is to transcend the familiar dimension of human existence and attain immortality through biological and digital means. With its blockchain protocol built on the substrate and rust framework also known as (cryptographic distributive systems), Moon Rabbit wants to provide solutions to aging and achieve a healthy life. With the help of this system, we hope to provide the solution to longevity, most especially radical aging therapy. Just like the crypto market size, the biotech market size is worth $2.5T.


Moon Rabbit has Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibles and our distributive system is also known as Polkadot networks.

Angel Versetti who launched Moon Rabbit is a serial investor and entrepreneur who dreamt of attaining immortality since childhood. He is the Founder of Dogecoin Foundation, Versetti&Co crypto hedge-fund, ex founder of Ambrosus and Smart Security Systems. He is Forbes 30 under 30. Biotech companies now make use of cryptographic systems as they seek to help humans attain a long and healthy life. While the digital world has witnessed another development with crypto, most of its potentials has not been explored.

Moon Rabbit wants to make use of the cryptographic distributive system to achieve their vision of achieving longevity; this is only possible through:

• The Longevity Distributive Autonomous Organization (DAO) is governed cryptographically by the stakeholders in Moon Rabbit.

With the use of Longevity Distributive Autonomous Organization (DAO), Moon Rabbit hopes to fund research and conduct investigation on intellectual property on radical aging prevention and radical aging therapy.

In Moon Rabbit, we understand the importance of finance in the development of technologies. Through our non-binding provisional disbursement of treasuries of Mount Olympus, we finance research to enhance the development of technologies. However, it can only be accepted after the Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu LLC has consulted the AAA oligarchs, temple oracles, and jurisdiction governors.

                       Moon Rabbit Core Stakeholders

The stakeholders govern the Moon Rabbit longevity DAO and about six of them are very important. Individual stakeholders have different functions. However, they are to act according to the visions of the Moon Rabbit. These stakeholders include;

• Mount Olympus: it is an important system in Moon Rabbit which guarantees that the other stakeholders adhere and also protects each jurisdiction. Concerned with security and making data unaltered and immutable, Mount Olympus must make sure that the other stakeholders adhere to the “common good principle” as it is defined by the Moon Rabbit AngoZaibatsu. Its other functions include; verifying the state of affairs in each jurisdiction, ascertain that peace is maintained in individual jurisdiction, guarantee communication between jurisdiction and other stakeholders.

• Jurisdiction: The jurisdiction is another stakeholder that has an autonomous network and it provides blocks and other digital commodities to the project. Jurisdiction creates cryptocurrency and other assets. Just like the other stakeholders, they must ensure that they work together to achieve the goals of Moon Rabbit.

• Temple: The temple must never be capable of being corrupted. This stakeholder must be pure.

• Other stakeholders include; the scribes, congregation, and the core digital Unit AAA

Go down the Rabbit Hole. Through crypto, we seek immortality.