Caizcoin Introduces Islamic-Themed Blockchain Platform

Caizcoin Introduces Islamic-Themed Blockchain Platform

Caizcoin, an Islamic blockchain protocol built to close the gap between the Islamic financial system and the crypto-asset industry. The firm is on the verge of developing a means for Islamic believers and also non-Islamic users a means to transfer money globally in compliance with the Islamic finance rules.

Notably, the firm is currently undertaking an initial coin offering that is scheduled to end in two months, according to Coincodex. Users can access Caizcoin from Uniswap, whereby one can earn passively through providing liquidity. To start with, the firm has managed to add the Ethereum-Caizcoin pair, hereby enabling users to swap seamlessly. 

Sharia laws instituted by Islamic believers can now interact with the cryptocurrency industry and enable the decentralized financial ecosystem among Islamic users. Moreover, Caizcoin was developed with strong principles including the KYC part.

By providing Islamic crypto users with an opportunity to interact with the market in accordance with the faith, the firm anticipates attracting global customers to its blockchain. Furthermore, there are many other blockchain projects that people could interact with, thus making the key utility a huge game-changer.

Additionally, Caizcoin is designed to enable Islamic crypto users to participate in charities in accordance with Islamic expectations. “Through Caizcoin, Muslims belonging to the pure concept of Islamic Sharia will be permitted to pay zakat and waqf through their holdings to utilize their funds for the world’s poor people. Not only Muslims, but the company actively supports all the individuals involved in public welfare and philanthropic causes,” Caizcoin noted in a press release.


Further, the firm noted that the blockchain will be managed by the community with the collected funds used to pay all developers involved. “Every credit behind Caizcoin goes to the young talented group of developers as it will be the for regarding its decentralization and its Muslim orientation,” Caizcoin added.

The journey behind Caizcoin began back in 2018 and the firm remains steadfast in providing an ethical revolution in the Islamic financial spirit. By facilitating justice through the crypto market, Caizcoin anticipates a revolution in the Islamic financial sector in the near future. 

Moreover, it enables the Islamic believers to do away with the unaccepted hoarding of money, betting, casinos, interests, and any other fraudulent and exploitative means of earning money.

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