Here’s What Enthusiasts Believe Will Propel The Price Of Ripple’s XRP To New Highs


When a potential investor is considering putting their hard-earned dollars, or Bitcoin, into an asset, the question most on their mind is “why will the value of this asset go up?”

Crypto trader and Ripple advocate, Kieran Kelly asked that exact question. 

What do you think are the top reasons XRP will increase in price?

Many XRP fans mentioned the numerous partnerships that Ripple has secured. Ripple has carved out relationships with banks from around the globe. They are making inroads into the traditional financial sector

Ripple is also attempting to build a network that allows businesses to interact with each other instantaneously. When major banks are using the Ripple network, XRP’s liquidity will give holders major advantages in speed and ease of transactions.

Speaking of liquidity, many responses suggested that XRP’s liquid nature is its greatest feature. One XRP enthusiast on Twitter responded with a quote from a great insider, Bob Way. Way is a cryptocurrency expert and former Ripple employee from 2013-2018. He thinks XRP will soon be known as the most liquid asset available. 


“The biggest likely correlated upward pressure on XRPs price, might come from people wanting to hold the world’s most liquid asset. A psychologic reason might be both that you can convert it to ANYTHING else that you need instantly.” 

Way also spoke of XRP’s utilities with YouTuber Alex Cobb earlier this year. During the interview, Way said that many use cases will naturally evolve from the XRP Ledger. 

“I have a really deep knowledge of the ‘Rippling’ part of the XRP Ledger – what you can do with all sorts of other currencies, and how you can trade them against XRP and how you can send these atomic payments around. And for me, the number one use case for XRP is letting people have their own addresses, their own personal entities.”

According to Way, as people get familiar with the XRP Ledger, they will realize how easily they can send value via multiple assets and across multiple platforms. Way’s expert opinion is actually in line with the community’s emphasis on the relationships Ripple has made in the traditional financial sector.

By creating relationships and official partnerships with financial actors around the world, Ripple is laying down the tracks for an international network that connects individual people, businesses and other groups. Once the proverbial train of adoption starts moving, Ripple plans to be ahead of their competition and that bodes well for the value of XRP.