Growth DeFi to Disrupt the Decentralized Cross-Chain Farming by Launching a Revolutionary Hybrid Bridge System

Growth DeFi to Disrupt the Decentralized Cross-Chain Farming by Launching a Revolutionary Hybrid Bridge System

Decentralized finance is witnessing tremendous growth as more novel innovations contribute largely to the further development of the sphere. Growth DeFi, an emerging project seeking to bolster capital efficiency and enable investors to maximize their returns by leveraging different blockchain products on its ecosystem, has just announced its launch on the Avalanche blockchain ecosystem and a new Hybrid Bridge for cross-chain decentralized farming.

Growth DeFi is a promising cross-chain decentralized farming protocol that is focused on bringing the best out of stakeholders’ value while also ensuring and maintaining sustainable highest yield in the market. The cross-chain expansion and the launch of the new Hybridge system are set to cause a major shift in the DeFi sector and this new improvement will bring about a redefined concept of cross-chain.

An Innovative And Unique Decentralized Ecosystem With Bonds

Over time, bonds have been considered popular profitable tools that can serve as a value-adding feature when utilized properly and Growth DeFi is leveraging this to curate its unique ecosystem.

Bonds are employed when there is a need to connect two parties; the bond buyer who is interested in the protocol’s token (GRO or WHEAT) at a slight discount compared to the market price, thereby improving their cost basis on a long term position, and the protocol interested in acquiring a specific asset, such as Liquidity Provider tokens (LPs).

The major reason bonds are used in a blockchain ecosystem is to displace constant emissions to incentivize Liquidity Provider tokens that dilute token holders and completely own the token’s liquidity.


The new hybrid bridge system Growth DeFi seeks to fully establish in its ecosystem will align incentives between WHEAT and GRO holders on different chains and also for the platform’s overcollateralized stable coin, MOR on Avalanche.

$MOR is the stable coin on the Growth DeFi ecosystem. The team had earlier announced its launch in July 2021. The coin serves as an over-collateralized stablecoin inspired by Maker DAO’s DAI. MOR enables users to borrow using other tokens, including LP tokens backed by WHEAT. MOR can leverage high-yield farming positions. 

$GRO is the first token on the Growth DeFi ecosystem. It is a deflationary token with governance authority on the ecosystem. GRO tokens can be staked to earn rewards in WHEAT.

$WHEAT is another token in the unique ecosystem. It functions as an incentive for yield farmers that stake single assets or LPs in their yield optimizer, Wheat. To make WHEAT deflationary, vast portions of the revenues are given to buybacks and burns. As announced by the team, WHEAT was recently launched on AVAX (Avalanche).

Both GRO and WHEAT are progressing more interconnectedly in the ecosystem. GRO holders can stake their tokens and receive WHEAT in any chain. It is going to be a win-win situation for token holders and investors. This will further improve the Growth DeFi space and propel it towards becoming an industry-leading cross-chain project in terms of capital efficiency.

Revolutionizing Cross-Chain DeFi

The Growth DeFi Hybridge system is a cutting-edge innovation and a unique concept that will drastically change the way cross-chain DeFi is approached. It aligns incentives between WHEAT holders on a different chain and burns a significant amount of WHEAT. The system also provides self-adjusting incentives to each chain based on market demand. In summary, this hybrid bridge launch will be of massive benefit to both WHEAT holders and the protocol itself.

The Hybrid bridge launch will revolutionize cross-chain DeFi with a good number of benefits including supply reduction via arbitrage, cross-chain incentives realignment, supply reduction via bridge fees, self-adjusting incentives, and exceptionally high APYs. It also makes it possible for chains to swap earning bridge-burning benefits.

With a team of bright minds dedicated to redefining cross-chain, it is expected that Growth DeFi will advance into a world-class platform in the DeFi ecosystem.