Global.TradeATF: A One-stop Destination for the Best Trading Experience

Global.TradeATF: A One-stop Destination for the Best Trading Experience

Trading is a pretty risky venture that can cause a total loss of funds if care is not taken. As dangerous as it is though, the right choice of a trading companion (platform) can ensure that such risk is minimized. While there are several trading platforms out there, some with several decades of existence under their belts, not many have lived up to the expectations of the 21st-century trader.

If you are looking for an excellent trading companion to maximize the potential of trading while updating your trading knowledge to the latest, TradeATF is the place to be. A contemporary trading platform with unique features that set it apart, TradeATF offers a variety of options to help make your trading experience memorable and profitable through proper guidance all the way. 

The company offers several trading platforms including MT4 and over 90 other platforms for trading on any kind of device including desktops, mobile devices and web trading. This allows traders to trade wherever they go as they can also use the TradeATF app on their devices without having to visit the website. The MT4 which is the leading trading platform globally is fully synchronized across apps on devices and the TradeATF web trader to make trading easy to continue on any device of choice for convenience. It also has over 30 analytical tools which are technical indicators, including Fibonacci retracements, moving averages and many more to help traders to make informed decisions on investment of choice.

This also has 9 different time frames to choose from, including MN, W1, D1, H4 for long term investments and M1, M5, M15, M30 for short term investments. There are also customized MT4 live charts of three different types namely candlesticks, bars, and line charts. This allows traders to try the different types and decide on which best suits them for mastering their trade of choice.

 Several other features make trading worthwhile and rewarding on this platform, including:

  1. Variety of markets to trade on: Most trading platforms offer specific markets to their traders, therefore narrowing down their choices and limiting the number of traders who can use the platform. TradeATF offers 6 different markets that cover all aspects of trading. This includes cryptocurrency (with different trading pairs for Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Steller, Monero and XRP), forex with over 45 currency pairs, stocks including Apple, amazon, Tesla, Netflix and numerous others, indices including Dow, nasdaq, FTSE and several others, metals (silver vs USD and Copper, Palladium and Platinum on CME) and commodities including Coffee, Cocoa, Wheat etc. Traders therefore can trade all of these options within the TradeATF environment without having to search elsewhere, thus making it more convenient and time saving.
  2. An array of educational materials: TradeATF isn’t just interested in making trading fruitful and fulfilling for its traders, but is also interested in developing their capacity to trade intelligently. Traders have access to different educational materials including Video on Demand (VOD), eBooks courses, tutorials, economic calendar and report season calendar. These materials empower traders to expand their market knowledge whether they are just starting out in trading or more experienced. 
  3. More than 250 assets to trade CFDs on: On TradeATF, traders have access to over 250 assets. These are traded at a leverage of up to 400x at an execution speed of 0.04 seconds. The trades are offered at zero fees and zero commissions with demo accounts for new traders to try out before engaging in real trades to reduce the chance of losing funds. With hundreds of assets available, there is no limit and everyone has something to work with.
  4. Easy account opening and variety of trading accounts: Accounts can be created very easily on TradeATF in three easy steps after which traders may decide what type of trading accounts they wish to operate, depending on level of experience and specific account features they wish to enjoy. These are Silver accounts for new traders who are starting out for the first time, Gold accounts for more experienced traders while the Platinum account is for pro traders. Everyone therefore has a place as far as TradeATF is concerned. 
  5. Multiple payment methods: Once accounts are created, traders can easily make deposits on their accounts using a variety of deposit options. This includes Mastercard, Visa, Skrill and Neteller. TradeATF is secured by SSL security protocol that ensures the safety of traders’ funds when making payments using the different methods which are the most popular globally.
  6. Duly registered and legitimate platform: Another reason why traders can be confident about using TradeATF is that it is fully registered and legally recognized by the laws of the United Kingdom. It is operated by Bayline Global World Ltd. and Bayline Trading Ltd in Belize City, Edinburgh, United Kingdom and regulated by the Belize International Financial Services Commission. Its services are available globally except for those resident in the U.S, Canada and other countries due to regional regulatory restrictions.
  7. A growing user base: TradeATF although quite young, has a growing user base that cuts across all countries of the world where residents are allowed to use its services. It currently has over 10,000 dedicated users who have become loyal to the platform because of the distinguished service it renders. With such a large and growing user base, TradeATF is growing to become a leader in the trading industry with the most cutting edge technology at the forefront of its services.