Harnessing Cutting Edge Technology with the Oinvest Trading Experience

Harnessing Cutting Edge Technology with the Oinvest Trading Experience

The trading industry is evolving rapidly and so are the needs of traders. However, only a few trading environments have evolved to meet the demands of the evolving market. One such environment is Oinvest, a trading environment that has harnessed cutting edge technology to provide the best trading experience for its users.

The company offers three different trading platforms that suit different types of traders depending on their needs. The web-based trading platform, WebTrader allows users to trade online if they do not wish to install the trading app. This provides traders with complete access to market information and gives them the ability to control their investment and trade on the go anytime they wish to trade. 

Interesting features of the web-based trading platform include live analysis and charts that grants access to closed and open trades that can be customized to different time frames depending on your needs. Trading cubes give access to information on lot sizes, prices, or your favourite assets and lets you make quick trades, based on the information available.

Other features include Visual Trends which give you a clear visual presentation of your trades, preferred assets, and overall market conditions and trends to help you make informed trading decisions. A Demo Account allows new traders to try out trading without any real risk to their funds for 14 days before an actual trade is executed. This allows traders to learn and upgrade their knowledge of trading before engaging in real trades.

MetaTrader4 is another platform provided by Oinvest. Being the leading trading platform globally, it makes trading easier with several great all in one features that give you control on Oinvest. It allows traders to view complete trading scenarios in 9 time frames with 30 indicators that help you recognise trends and establish ideal entry and exit points.


It also allows traders to easily execute orders with three execution modes including Instant Execution, plus 2 market, 4 pending and 2 stop orders with a trailing stop feature and the ability to open trades directly from the built-in tick chart. You can also open trades via the tick chart with one click for seamless trading.

For those who wish to trade on the go, the Oinvest Mobile App is there with them. This allows you to carry your trades wherever you go, make trades and check statistics anytime you want on your mobile device. With the mobile app, you can access active on the global financial markets with new information and trends that could affect prices. The latest information is made available directly on the app so that you are always up to date on the happenings in the market. 

Interactive charts allow you to track real-time price changes with three different charts to choose from. Candlesticks, lie and bars allow you to easily interact with the app on different time frames to get the information you need. Also, you don’t have to lose access to information just because you are using the Oinvest App. The app also grants access to Complete Set of Trade Orders and Trading functions that give you the liberty to choose any trading strategy you wish to use, just like the web trader or MT4 users. Orders can be executed even if the mobile app is closed and a standby stop loss allows you to take profits to avoid unnecessary losses. 

Apart from the exceptional trading experience you stand to enjoy, Oinvest empowers you by giving you access to educational materials to grow your trading knowledge. There is a variety of educational materials including videos, webinars, ebooks, tutorials, courses, calendar and earning seasons, all of which are available to you for free upon signing up. 

There are three types of accounts which are designed to suit every user. The first is the Silver account which is suitable for beginners in trading. The second is the Gold account which is more suitable for experienced traders while the Platinum account is for pro traders. These have varying features that meet the unique requirements of users with different needs.

There are also different trade markets that you can choose from. There are assets index, forex trading, CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrency markets, CFD trading, commodity trading and CFDs on indices. For cryptocurrency markets, there is Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, and Dash with different trading pairs. 

As trading is a risky venture on its own, traders shouldn’t stand the risk of losing their funds any other way. Oinvest is aware of this and has a strong security system to guard against such losses. Traders’ funds are safely separated from the company’s funds through Fund Segregation. This means funds are securely stored with reputable banks to avoid loss in case of a security breach. 

There is also a Data Security Protocol that stops hackers from stealing your funds as Oinvest is aware of the growing cybersecurity concerns in the space. This includes encryption of all transactions, Compliance with Level 1 PCI services and the use of cutting-edge firewalls with the most advanced Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to protect the information being exchanged on the platform.