Global Finance SD Announces Private Sale and Roadmap for 2022/2023

Global Finance SD Announces Private Sale and Roadmap for 2022/2023

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, there has been a contention between the industry and the traditional monetary system. This doesn’t have to be the case, and Global Finance SD was created just to prove this.

The certified cryptocurrency has one goal, to build a bridge between crypto and the traditional monetary system. This will be done by setting up a new ecosystem that settles transactions through a $GFSD smartdefi token that also allows other tokens to be used in the ecosystem “ by acquiring a type approval.”

Token private sale

The Global Finance SD project is conducting a private sale for its token, $GFSD. Already, 21,466,666.6774 GFSD have been made available out of the 50 million GFSD earmarked for the private sale. Anyone can participate in the private sale by simply clicking on the GFSD token sale link

Intending participants can find the BNB address to send their BNB to on the Globalfinancesd sales portal. The minimum investment is 0.1 BNB and the maximum is 0.5 BNB. The sale started on 11th April and will close on 17th April.



Stage 1: Q2 2022

Global Finance SD is currently at the stage of its private sale which is one of the first activities in its roadmap. After that, the presale will follow, then up next will be lock wallet development, marketing, and society with making a 1% donation. The project will then seek to get SINU approval, then get listed on Divvy Dashboard, and of course, get a Rug Muncher Verification.

Stage 2: Q3 2022

At this stage, Global Finance SD plans to create its Marketplace. This will be followed by negotiating agreements (selling products and services in exchange for $GFSD) and the official launch of the ecosystem.

Stage 3: Q4 2022

The third stage will start with developing the NFT Marketplace. The rest of the time will be for agreement conclusion, followed by launching the first store in Africa. The agreements include:

  • Agreement conclusion (Housing architecture in exchange for $GFSD)
  • Agreement conclusion (Real estate in exchange for $GFSD)
  • Agreement conclusion (clothing (ready-to-wear) in exchange for $GFSD)
  • Agreement conclusion (Education and training in exchange for $GFSD)
  • Agreement conclusion (General supply goods in exchange for $GFSD )

Stage 4: Q1 2023

The first task in this stage is setting up a payment app. This will be followed by expansion of the chain store and joining the community by getting brand shares in order to increase commission rates per transaction and then building a distribution network.

Stage 5: Q2 2023

Stage five is basically the expansion stage. This includes opening stores across Europe, Asia, Middle-east, Canada and U.S.A

Stage 6: Q3 2022

At stage 6, the first production unit of the Global Finance SD ecosystem will be built and many other new developments are to follow.

Disclaimer: This is a paid press release and should not be viewed as a news or investment recommendation. Readers should conduct their own independent research before taking any actions related to the company, product, or project mentioned in this piece.