Gleec Coin Added to Six Major Crypto Exchanges

Gleec Coin Added to Six Major Crypto Exchanges

Six major crypto trading venues have added the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain-based decentralized digital asset ecosystem Gleec to their listings. Traders at Changelly, Changelly Pro, FMFW, Phemex, MEXC and can now trade Gleec Coin.

The news comes on the back of major regulatory wins for the Gleec ecosystem. Eight jurisdictions have already approved the platform to provide various financial services across South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Gleec Coin arrives at the majors

Gleec Coin (GLEEC) will soon be available at several of the crypto industry’s biggest exchanges. A recent press release published by Gleec details the listing dates.

Changelly Pro added the asset on Oct. 20 and Changelly on Oct. 22. Meanwhile, GLEEC trading will go live on Oct. 26 at FMFW, Oct. 29 on MEXC and Nov. 9 on Phemex. For now, the date of the listing remains unannounced. 

The new listings should help expand GLEEC’s already growing market. The asset already trades at major trading venues like Bittrex and HitBTC. 


GLEEC is a digital asset deployed on the KomodoSmart Chain with a maximum total supply of 210 million coins. The new listings will significantly improve its liquidity, particularly for the GLEEC/BTC and GLEEC/USDT trading pairs. 

Not only will this benefit GLEEC traders but also Gleec Card users. The Gleec ecosystem provides a payment card that enables GLEEC to be used anywhere that accepts Visa, and a highly liquid market is crucial for its smooth operation. 

Danish Chaudhry, CEO of FMFW, commented on the exchange’s decision to list GLEEC:

“We are excited to welcome a valuable project like GLEEC, which has real utility and can positively impact the entire crypto ecosystem and make DeFi more accessible to everyone. Gleec’s mission aligns with our philosophy of aiming to make blockchain available across the world and over a wide range of industries.”

In addition to its payment card and native crypto asset, the Gleec ecosystem supports various other features, including the iOS and Android app Gleec Chat, a decentralized exchange, the virtual Gleec ATM, a fully-functional bank account called Gleec Pay, its centralized exchange platform and a wallet app. The company behind the ecosystem has also built the popular play-to-earn racing game GLEEC Racing.

Another win for the Gleec ecosystem

The exchange listings come toward the close of an exciting year for the Gleec ecosystem. To date, the platform has received nine regulatory approvals in a total of eight jurisdictions. 

Gleec can now provide financial services in El Salvador, Dubai, Ukraine, Poland, Canada, Estonia, Slovakia and Lithuania. Some of the nations in which Gleec can operate — like Dubai — only permit the company to offer cryptocurrency-related services. Elsewhere, however, the platform has been approved as a money services business in Canada and to offer banking services in Ukraine.